The Wild Duck

The Wild Duck (1967) was a theatre production by The National Stage, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen.

Claes Gill directed it.

Rolf Berntzen played the role of Hjalmar Ekdal.

Pelle Christensen played the role of Gregers Werle.

Bergljot Engeset played the role of Hedvig.


(Objekt ID 64084)
Object type Production
Premiere May 25, 1967
Produced by The National Stage
Based on The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen
Audience Adults
Number of events 4
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Running period May 25, 1967  


The National Stage's repertoire database, donated by The National Stage, 24.06.2016,, 15.08.16

Contributors (13)
Name Role
Henrik Ibsen – Playwright
Claes Gill – Direction
Per Fjeld – Stage design
Rolf Berntzen – Actor (Hjalmar Ekdal)
Andreas Bjarke – Actor (Gamle Ekdal)
Pelle Christensen – Actor (Gregers Werle)
Bergljot Engeset – Actor (Hedvig Ekdal)
Anne Gullestad – Actor (Fru Sørby)
Lothar Lindtner – Actor (Molvik)
Karin Simonnæs – Actor (Gina Ekdal)
Kjell Stormoen – Actor (Grosserer Werle)
Gisle Straume – Actor (Kammerherren)
Svend von Düring – Actor (Doktor Relling)
Performance dates
May 25, 1967Store Scene, The National Stage Opening night
Festivals (1)