In Poker by Stigespillerne the following question is asked: What happens when something is occurring in a place where one did not expect anything in particular to happen?


(Objekt ID 6285)
Object type Production
Premiere October 7, 2002
Produced by Stigespillerne
Audience Youth, Adults
Number of events 1
Language Norwegian
Expressions Performance, Improvisational theatre
Running period October 7, 2002  —  October 7, 2002

In Poker by Stigespillerne it happens, for instance, that a person goes to the bathroom on the second floor of  Kvarteret – to find that the stalls have no doors. What one can do is writing a burning letter to a newspaper editor. Or to put up a table, a stool, a chair and then play poker in one of the stalls.

With this as the starting point Stigespillerne decided to play the performance Poker in the art arrangement of Ars Nova in Kvarteret October 7 2002. The script was improvised during the performance in which the cards and the reactions from the audience decided the turn of events.


Name Role
Sigmund Almelid – Co-creator
Håvard Moe Hagen – Co-creator
Lars Voss Sørhus – Co-creator
Sigmund Almelid – Actor
Håvard Moe Hagen – Actor
Lars Voss Sørhus – Actor
Performance dates
October 7, 2002Det Akademiske Kvarter – Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

"- Some people would call it performance. We call it theatre for the lazy. But it is art, because art is true, and this is true. I sit in a public toilet, literally. And my friends sit on chairs directly across the toilet bowl. And we play poker. All the evening we play poker. Lazy man’s theatre. Performance. Art."

Finn Bjørn Tønder, Bergens Tidende October 8 2002