Nothing grows by moonlight

Premiére date9 Oct. 1996
Produced byThe Norwegian Theatre
Based onNothing grows by moonlight by Torborg Nedreaas
Number of events31
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
ExpressionsTheatre, Monologue
Running period9 Oct. 1996  

About Nothing grows by moonlight

Nothing grows by moonlight (1996) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre. The production was based on a novel by Torborg Nedraas, adapted for the theatre by Ragnhild Hilt. The poduction was performed at Prøvesalen, later called Scene 3.

Hilde Andersen directed it.

Ragnhild Hilt performed the monologue.

The 1996 version of Nothing grows by moonlight was the second version of the play with Ragnhild Hilt as the nameless woman. She also performed the play in 1982 and 2014, at the same theatre.

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