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Nothing grows by moonlight

Nothing grows by moonlight is a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, produced in 2014. The production is based on a novel by Torborg Nedraas, adapted for the theatre by Ragnhild Hilt. The poduction was performed at Scene 3.

Terje Mærli directed it.

The 2014 version of Nothing grows by moonlight was the third version of the play with Ragnhild Hilt as the nameless woman. She had also performed the play in 1982 and 1996, at the same theatre.


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Object type Production
Premiere February 13, 2014
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on Nothing grows by moonlight by Torborg Nedreaas
Audience Adults
Audience size 1567
Number of events 18
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Theatre, Monologue
Running period February 13, 2014  
Website Det Norske Teatret

At the webpage of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about the 2014 version of Nothing grows by moonlight:

"Ragnhild Hilt says farewell to the theatre where she has worked for 43 years. She personally adapted Nothing grows by moonlight for the stage, and for the third time she performs the monologue at The Norwegian Theatre. Now as an elderly woman.

In Nothing grows by moonlight we meet a woman who tells about her life. She tells about being able to use herself and her ability to love, about her longing for dignity in life, about infidelity, poverty, sex, degradation, betrayal, shame and with ending an unborn life with one's own hands, to protect oneself as well as the unborn child against condemnation from society.

For the third time
Ragnhild Hilt performs this monologue for the third time at this theatre. She adapted the novel for the theatre and performed it for the first time in 1982, the second time in 1996, and then again now in 2014.
- It is a privilege to be able to work with such a text in three different stages of life: In the thirties, in the fifties and now when I am approaching 70, Ragnhild Hilt says.
- Everything becomes different, even though the text is the same. There is more of an accept as time goes by, something lighter, easier - and perhaps wiser, perhaps freer?

Ragnhild Hilt
Ragnhild Hilt is known as a hard-working, warm and wise actress with a simultaneously intellectual and emotional approach to her work. She made her acting debut at The Norwegian Theatre in 1971, and has been an employee of the theatre since then. Among the roles having made the strongest impressions, we may mention the title role of Antigone, nurse Ratched in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Hege in The Birds and of course the role of the woman in Nothing grows by moonlight, the project that has run as a thread through her whole acting career. Last year Hilt found a lot of attention and enormously positive reviews for her role as Grete Maigret in the movie I Belong - a role for which she also received a nomination for the film award Amanda."


The National Library of Norway, performance program digitised by The National Library of Norway, transferred to Sceneweb 10.02.2015

The Norwegian Theatre, www.detnorsketeatret.no, 17.03.2014, http://www.detnorsketeatret.no/index.php?option=com_play&view=play&playid=417

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Contributors (15)
Name Role
Torborg Nedreaas – Author
Ragnhild Hilt – Dramatised by
Halldis Moren Vesaas – Translation (til nynorsk)
Terje Mærli – Direction
Carl Morten Amundsen – Dramaturge
Eldbjørg Aarseth – Costume (Kostymekoordinator)
Ragnhild Hilt – Actor
Åse-Berit Litleskare – Props (Rekvisittkoordinator)
Hedda Haaland – Stage manager
Hedda Rønneberg – Stage manager
Dag Jenssen – Photo
Pelle Dengsø – Stage Manager
Tryggve Ildahl – Stage Manager
Karoline Husjord – Prompter
Sissel Lillo Stenberg – Prompter
Performance dates
February 13, 2014 19:00 – Scene 3 (tidligere Prøvesalen), The Norwegian Theatre Opening night
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Dagbladet, Hennes kamp (literally: Her struggle), February 13 2014:

"Ranghild Hilt has performed Nothing grows by moonlight twice before. The first time she was aged 37, in 1982, the second time she was 51, in 1996. Now, aged 68, as she performs it for the third time, it is with two little reminders of the difference between actress and character, a short introduction, a quick interlude where she is presented as herself, outside of character. These serve to underline the contrast between the actress' control and the character's lack of the same. As does the spare stage design, in which one of the elements is a simplified version of the theatre's make up table and mirror. But this is clear from the rest of the performance as well, in her body language, in her use of voice. At times there are sentences sounding as if the voice is close to breaking. But it doesn't break. She, the actress, is in control, even though the character isn't."