The Cowboy, the Princess and the Chicken

The Cowboy, the Princess and the Chicken produced by Banality Dreams emphasises the fragile openness and the unpredictable of interhuman relationships in modern community, the daily dissonance everyone can experience, between one’s dreams and what is objectively real, between reality and fiction.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 20, 2009
Produced by Banality Dreams
Audience Youth, Adults (from 16)
Language English
Expressions Theatre
Running period October 20, 2009  
Website Banality Dreams

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes

The production The Cowboy, the Princess and the Chicken by Banality Dreams is about living according to one’s ideals and expectations within the frame of everyday banalities and the absurd comedy of the mundane, with its fundamental brutality and tragedy.

Banality Dreams describes The Cowboy, the Princess and the Chicken like this:

"There is hardly anything that doesn't already exist. Ranging from questions such as the way we dress, put make-up on, nourish ourselves, lead friendships, meet somebody or do it for the first time, to questions about how we provide for our offspring or how we might like to die. For every aspect of life, there already exist countless completed, deliberated, experienced concepts, archetypes and models. These can be found in glossy magazines, films, books, newspapers and photos, even discussed in guidebooks, blogs, forums and TV broadcastings. To live means to choose and to create one's own variation out of the variety of possibilities. "Have it your way!" is how a successful fast food chain so simply phrases it.

In the new work of Banality Dreams, a cowboy, a princess and a chicken encounter each other in the here and now and forming from the outset, a bizarre combination crossing the unexpected paths of romanticism, family planning and friendship in the 21st century."

The Cowboy, the Princess and the Chicken by Banality Dreams was supported by Arts Council Norway.


Banality Dreams,, 19.11.2010,

Name Role
Johannes Dullin – Direction
Raliza Nikolowa – Dramaturge
Kleon Medugorac – Visual design
Johannes Dullin – Stage design
Doro Brodrück – Costume
Federico Dimitri – Performer
Signe Holtsmark – Performer
Johanna von Gagern – Performer
Other participants
Performance dates
Navember 8, 2009The Venue of The Theatre of Cruelty – Show
Navember 7, 2009The Venue of The Theatre of Cruelty – Show
October 29, 2009 – Show
October 28, 2009 – Show
October 20, 2009No Limits Festival , No Limits Festival – Worldwide premiere
October 4, 2009Ballhaus Ost – Preview
No Limits Festival October 20, 2009
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