The story of the little old man

The story of the little old man (2002) was a theatre production by Brageteatret. The story of the little old man was based on a book by Barbro Lindgren, adapted for theatre by Tomas von Brömssen and Lars Eric Brossner.

Torbjørn Astner directed it.

Terje Hartviksen played the title role.


(Objekt ID 52545)
Object type Production
Premiere September 28, 2002
Produced by Brageteatret
Based on The story of the little old man by Barbro Lindgren; The story of the little old man by Tomas von Brömssen, Lars-Erik Brossner
Audience Families, Adults (from 5 to 12)
Language Norwegian
Expressions Performance for children , Performance for the Family, Music, Theatre
Running period September 28, 2002  —  2002
Website Brageteatret

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

Brageteatret wrote the following, among other things, in a text about the production:

"Once upon a time, there was a little man. He was a very lonely little man. Nobody cared about him though he was ever so kind and sweet. They found he looked silly.

One day during spring he went out to hang posters on the trees. 'Little lonely man seeks a friend', he wrote on the posters. And he wrote his name and where he lived.

A performance rich in music, ambience and emotion - simple, pure and almost without words - the beautiful and slightly sad story about the lonely man and the dog without a master, who both so dearly want to find a friend to share their pains and smiles and cookies with.

A theatre production about deep and sincere friendship - and with a lot of hope!"


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Annual report for Brageteatret 2002 and the Buskerud county archive

Other participants
Performance dates
September 28, 2002 – National premiere, Norway
Press coverage

Gunnhild Ramm Reistad, Drammens Tidende 10.10.2002:

"Musical Brage. Five pips on the die. Moving, well performed and musical."

Inger Eggerud, Drammens Tidende:

"Mesmerised by the lonely man."

June Marlèn Sørensen, Ringerikes blad 23.10.2002:

"The story of the little old man now makes triumph rounds at the primary schools of Ringerike."