The White Horse Inn

Premiére date1985
Produced byA/S Lysthuset, K/S Entertainment A/S, Thalia Teater AS
Based onThe White Horse Inn by Hans Müller-Einigen, Ralph Benatzky, Ralph Benatzky, Erik Charell, Robert Gilbert
Running period1985  

About The White Horse Inn

The White Horse Inn (1985) was a musical theatre production by K/S Entertainment A/S in collaboration with A/S Lysthuset and Thalia Teater, based on the operetta by Ralph Benatzky (book and music), Hans Müller-Einigen (book), Erik Charell (book) and Robert Gilbert (lyrics). The production was staged at Chateau Neuf.

Peter Berg directed and choreographed it.

Rolf Wesenlund played the role of Leopold Brandmayer.

The White Horse Inn went on a Norwegian tour after being performed in Oslo, with large changes in the cast.

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