Endgame (1989) was a theatre production by Entré Teatret, based on the play by Samuel Beckett. The production was performed at Engebret Café.

Bente Lavik directed it.

Rolf Arly Lund played the role of Hamm.

Thor M. Aamodt played the role of Clov.


(Objekt ID 50985)
Object type Production
Premiere September 6, 1989
Produced by
Based on Endgame by Samuel Beckett
Audience Adults
Number of events 18
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre of the absurd, One-act Play, Theatre
Running period September 6, 1989  


Einar Dahl's private archive, donated by Einar Dahl, 17.10.2015.

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Samuel Beckett – Playwright
Bente Lavik – Direction
Sigve Eliassen – Video/Film
Steinar Lohne – Light
Marit Gripstad – Actor (Nell)
Rolf Arly Lund – Actor (Hamm)
Robert Skjærstad – Actor (Nagg)
Thor M. Aamodt – Actor (Clov)
Greta Bremseth – Mask design
Performance dates
September 6, 1989Engebret Café Opening night