I denne harde tid


(Objekt ID 50864)
Object type Production
Premiere 1974
Produced by Musidra
Based on Nattens innvielse by Jean Tardieu; Konversasjonssymfonien by Jean Tardieu; The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by ; Come and Go by Samuel Beckett; Mordet på Marat by Peter Weiss
Audience Youth
Number of events 35
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical theatre, Collage
Running period 1974  —  1974
Contributors (12)
Name Role
Peter Weiss – Text
Samuel Beckett – Text
Jean Tardieu – Text
Tore Aarholt – Translation (Nattens innvielse)
Helge Reistad – Direction
Eyvind Solås – Direction
Øystein Bye – Actor
Anne Freuchen – Actor
Rachel Pedersen – Actor
Per Skjølsvik – Actor
Margareth Toften – Actor
Tore Aarholt – Actor
Performance dates
April 27, 1974Colosseum Kino Show
April 23, 1974Asker Videregående Skole Show
March 9, 1974Underetasjen i Konserthusets D-blokk Show
March 6, 1974Deichmanske bibliotek - filial Bøler Show
March 5, 1974Deichmanske bibliotek - filial Veitvet Show
March 4, 1974Deichmanske bibliotek - filial Årvoll Show
February 28, 1974Deichmanske bibliotek - filial Tveita Show
February 27, 1974Deichmanske bibliotek - fillial Bogstadveien Show
February 26, 1974Deichmanske bibliotek - Filial Grünerløkka Show
1974 Worldwide premiere