Powder Witch

Powder Witch (2007) was a theatre production for children by The Norwegian Touring Theatre, based on several of the books in Ingunn Aamodt's picture book series about Powder Witch. The theatrical adaptation was written by Tine Thomassen, and the production uses music composed by Geir Holmsen. The production combines puppetry and human acting. It went on tour the autumn of 2007, with its tour opening in Drammen.

Ivar Tindberg directed it.

Maj Britt Andersen played the role of Powder Witch. During the 2008 revival, Hanne Dieserud took over the role.

Powder Witch continued its tour the winter of 2008.


(Objekt ID 48320)
Object type Production
Premiere September 1, 2007
Produced by The Norwegian Touring Theatre (Riksteatret)
Based on Powder Witch Has Visitors by Ingunn Aamodt; The Powder Witch books by Ingunn Aamodt
Audience Children (from 3)
Audience size 29551
Number of events 81
Language Norwegian
Keywords Performance for children, Puppetry
Running period September 1, 2007  

The Norwegian Touring Theatre's 2007 production of Powder Witch was the first theatre production based on the Powder Witch books.

Tindberg, Holmsen and Andersen all have had the same functions in The Norwegian Touring Theatre's later Powder Witch productions, Pulverheksa og julenissen* (Powder Witch and Father Christmas) (2009) and Pulverheksa og vennene hennes* (Powder Witch and her friends) (2017). Tindberg also wrote the 2009 adaptation, whereas Tine Thomassen adapted in 2007 and 2017.


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*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Contributors (17)
Name Role
Ingunn Aamodt – Author
Tine Thomassen – Songlyrics
Tine Thomassen – Dramatised by
Ivar Tindberg – Direction
Geir Holmsen – Music
Christine Lohre – Stage design
Christine Lohre – Costume design
Grete Larssen – Puppetry Design
Morten Pettersen – Sound
Kristin Tunold-Hanssen – Lighting design
Maj Britt Andersen – Actor (Pulverheksa 2007)
Hanne Dieserud – Actor (Pulverheksa 2008)
Jørn Morstad – Puppeteer (Politimannen / Tyven / Frossenpinnen)
Marius Næss – Puppeteer (Pokus / Krokodillen 2008)
Suzanne Paalgard – Puppeteer (Pokus / Krokodillen 2007)
Bo Anders Sundstedt – Puppeteer (Hokus / Drømmeprinsen / Supegjøken)
Heiko Junge – Photo
Performance dates
January 15, 2008Vadsø Kino New opening
September 1, 2007Hovedscenen, Drammens teater Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Trygt og godt (literally: Safe and well), Dagbladet September 6 2007:

"Powder Witch (played by Maj Britt Andersen) lives with the cat Hocus (Norwegian: Hokus**) and the crow Pocus (Norwegian: Pokus**) in her witch house. She has many friends she always helps, and she is always good-humoured. Even when she's afraid, she's good-humoured. (That she has been afraid, she tells us after. This is not a witch who wants her audience to get scared.) (...)Everyone should be nice to one another. The message is underlined in everything that happens throughout the performance, as it is in the picture books it is based on. The Norwegian Touring Theatre's Powder Witch finds its story in several of Ingunn Aamodt's books (the not yet translated Pulverheksa på Frossenfjell, literally: Powder Witch at Frozen Mountain**, Powder Witch Helps The Thief). Tine Thomassen has adapted the text and written the lyrics. The result is charming, but magical one can't say it is. For that, the surprises are too few, the magic too trivial and the possibilities for suspense not sufficiently used."

**Translator's comments.