Rem & Ron

Rem & Ron (2015) was a theatre production for children by Teater Manu.

Ramesh Meyyappan directed it.


(Objekt ID 47652)
Object type Production
Premiere March 26, 2015
Produced by Teater Manu
Audience Children (from 5)
Number of events 37
Language Sign language (Norwegian)
Keywords Clownery, Comedy, Sign-language Theatre, Performance for children
Running period March 26, 2015  —  2016
Duration 45 minutes
Website Teater Manu

At the website of Teater Manu the following, among other things, is written about Rem & Ron:

"Rem and Ron are photo journalists who travel all over the country to document different events. They have photo assignments all over the country, and because of this, much of their time is spent travelling. That also means there is a lot of waiting. Waiting, as is known, demands a lot of patience, but unfortunately, Rem and Ron lack patience. Because of this, they spend their waiting time creating all kinds of problems, for themselves and for others.

The travels of Rem and Ron are almost journeys of exploration. They discover how dependant of each other they are. They discover a lot about themselves, not least that they are - and always will be - best friends!

In the performance, a magical language that everyone can understand is used. Rem & Ron use a lot of humour in their own very distinct, visual way. The performance lasts for 45 minutes without an interval. For children and families. Recommended from the age of five years and upwards."


Teater Manu,

Contributors (10)
Name Role
Ramesh Meyyappan – Direction
Mira Zuckermann – Instruction (ved gjenopptagelse i 2016)
Grete Rustad – Costume design
Erik Hedin – Sound design
Truls S. Yggeseth – Lighting design
Ronny Patrick Jacobsen – Actor (Ron )
Remi Roos – Actor (Rem)
Mariola Domurat – Mask design
Gøril Rostad – Props
Caroline Roka – Photo
Performance dates
December 8, 2016 19:00 New opening
March 26, 2015 18:00 – Teater Manus scene Opening night
Press coverage

Anette Therese Pettersen, Resirkulert klovneri (literally: Recycled clownery), Periskop 10.04.2015:

"The performance has a circus-based expression, and director Ramesh Meyyappan has used magic tricks and clownery as main elements. The performance is initiated with a longish sequence in which they search for the train station - they look at maps, disagree which direction to take and so on. They disappear into the audience, and seek advice from a young spectator in the first row. This way, Ron (Ronny Patrick Jacobsen) and Rem (Remi Roos) are established as two somewhat messy types, but of the harmless and charming kind. (...) The production enters long traditions of clownery, so that the tricks they use are well known, is not a problem as such. But the performance hasn't got enough material to defend the barely 45 minutes it uses, nor are the tricks sufficiently practiced and precise to get the performance swinging."