24 Unsuccessful Norwegians: A Doll's House or The Nora Course

Premiére date8 Sep. 2003
Produced byTrøndelag Theatre
Based onA Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen
Audience size0
Number of events0
Running period8 Sep. 2003  

About 24 Unsuccessful Norwegians: A Doll's House or The Nora Course

24 Unsuccessful Norwegians: A Doll's House or The Nora Course (2003) was a theatre production by Trøndelag Theatre, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen, in a new adaption by Jesper Halle.

Madeleine Røn Juul directed it.

The production was part of a major theatre project, in which Trøndelag Theatre opened most of its building for the audience, with three world premieres and wandering theatre between the venues inside. The overall project title was 24 Unsuccessful Norwegians.

Jesper Halle's multi-monologue play 24 Unsuccessful Norwegians made the foundation for the concept and for one of the three world premieres. In addition the musical theatre production 24 Unsuccessful Norwegians: Gro was performed. Between the venues wandering theatre was performed, and in the interval a stew was served. One of the surprises underway was a dance orchestra performance on the main stage. In the Sceneweb database one may find information about this under 24 Unsuccessful Norwegians: Dance Orchestra.

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More about 24 Unsuccessful Norwegians: A Doll's House or The Nora Course

At the website of Trøndelag Theatre the following, among other things, was written about the project:

"Besides Jesper Halle's Norwegians, we get The Nora Course - following the Vancouver model. With an exquisite selection of scenes from Ibsen's A Doll's House we get to join topically trendy positive learning for postmodern women - with some tips for the menfolk thrown in. (…)

Evita has her own musical. We have decided that our Mother of the Country Gro deserves at least as much of an upgrade in her status. With a retrospective look at her life. From the union work to Oslo breakfasts with Gerhardsen and the Sons of the Labour Party to fully committed health freak within The United Nations - with an all-male voice choir and the full package. Then we get a stew during the interval. And if there are any connections between stew, Nora, Gro and the other unsuccessful Norwegians, we will discover them here at the theatre in September and October, and only here."


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