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Voices from Chernobyl AKA Chernobyl Stories

Voices from Chernobyl AKA Chernobyl Stories (2015) is a theatre production by Nord-Trøndelag Theatre, based on a book by Ingrid Storholmen, adapted for the theatre by Storholmen herself, in collaboration with Birgitte Fjeld Bjørsvik.

The director is Birgitte Fjeld Bjørsvik.

The production is based on reflections after the nuclear accidents of Chernobyl in 1987 and in Fukushima in 2011. The latter was not discussed in Storholmen's book, as it was published in 2009.


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Object type Production
Premiere March 4, 2015
Produced by The Touring Theatre of Trøndelag
Based on Voices from Chernobyl AKA Chernobyl Stories by Ingrid Storholmen
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre
Running period March 4, 2015  —  March 25, 2015
Duration 90 minutes

At the webpage of Nord-Trøndelag Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Voices from Chernobyl:
"Soon 30 years have passed after the Chernobyl accident. The counties of Trøndelag were severely affected by the radioactive fallout. And we are still affected: As recent as this autumn news broke that sheep and reindeer needed to have their feed decreased to prevent too large concentrations of radioactivity. Still 19 new nuclear power plants are now under construction, and we find 195 operative nuclear power plants in Europe alone.

Based on the Verdal woman Ingrid Storholmen's critically acclaimed and award-nominated book Voices from Chernobyl director Birgitte Fjeld Bjørsvik creates an important, beautiful and violent performance about one of the greatest threats to humanity. The performance deals with the destinies of individuals. How they handle life after the disaster's destructions makes a contrast to the great political game surrounding nuclear power.

Midway into the development of the script for the production the nuclear power accident in Fukushima in Japan happened. It made the issue even more topical and is included in the project. The Fukushima accident shows us that the negative aspects of nuclear power cannot be overlooked. In Fukushima land and sea are destroyed and the Japanese carry Geiger counters when shopping."  


Nord-Trøndelag Theatre, nordtrondelagteater.no, 19.01.2015, http://www.nordtrondelagteater.no/forestilling/tsjernobylfortellinger

The archive of Nord-Trøndelag Theatre, donated by Nord-Trøndelag Theatre, 15.01.2015

Contributors (18)
Name Role
Ingrid Storholmen – Author
Birgitte Fjeld Bjørsvik – Dramatised by
Ingrid Storholmen – Dramatised by
Birgitte Fjeld Bjørsvik – Direction
Øystein Elle – Composer
Stephan Østensen – Stage design
Stephan Østensen – Costume design
Jonas Rein Seehuus – Video/Film
Stephan Østensen – Video/Film
Øystein Elle – Sound design
Eivind Myren – Lighting design
Hanne Brincker – Actor
Jørn Fuller-Gee – Actor
Gisle Hass – Actor
Odille Heftye Blehr – Actor
Maren Togstad – Makeup
Marie Steen Löwendahl – Props
Berit Haltvik With – Tailoring
Performance dates
March 25, 2015Riksscenen, Oslo Show
March 23, 2015Falkbergetsalen, Storstuggu, Røros Show
March 22, 2015Storsalen, Tynset Kulturhus Show
March 19, 2015Magnushallen, Frostad Show
March 18, 2015Konsertsalen, Namsos Kulturhus Show
March 16, 2015Orkdal Kulturhus, Orkdal Kulturscene Show
March 15, 2015Kultursalen i Støren Kulturhus Show
March 12, 2015Stjørdal kino Show
March 10, 2015Aulaen, Verdal Show
March 8, 2015Ørland kultursenter Show
March 6, 2015Inderøy Kulturhus Show
March 4, 2015 19:30 – Dampsaga Kulturhus, Steinkjer Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Amund Grimstad, Fragmentarisk (literally: Fragmental), Klassekampen March 10 2015:

"Instead of presenting short stories and tableaus, attemptedly explained and visualised through good sound and lighting design and a nice use of video effects, the stories are so short and fragmental one never enters the narrative. One basically exciting story about a public employee who brings his two kids and escapes to Sweden without even telling his wife becomes no more than that. Why did he do that, what did he think, which were the qualms he felt? I sit wanting to access the stories, I want to know more, but even though a lot of it is overly obvious and over-acted, most becomes unclear and pretty unresolved. Voices from Chernobyl has become an ambitious production that wants too much without concentrating and with that, managing to reach the goal."