Moving into new phases, different places

dance as a priority area - now what?

Moving into new phases, different places, -dance as priority area - now what? Seminar, Oktoberdans 2006. Dance has been declared a priority area by Norwegian politicians and bureaucrats and is also gaining interest among the general public. How is the field of dance itself dealing with these developments? How might this recognition of dance’s merit as art influence artists’ expertise and strategies and the relationship between dance and the market? Does dance risk becoming conform, politically correct and instrumentally governed before artists have a chance to define their own identities, expressions and aesthetics?


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In collaboration with BIT Teatergarasjen, karen foss quiet works, Dansens Hus
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Dance as artistic expression and area of endeavour generates knowledge that can be relevant in far more contexts than perhaps is currently recognised in Norway. This wider perspective enables an understanding of dance as having more than aesthetic value by also recognising its political and social character. What strategies can we use to express and communicate dance and knowledge about dance? What is the nature of the relationship between culture, power, marginality, and production conditions within the field of dance?

Speakers: Marianne Van Kerkhoven, dramaturge at Kaaitheater in Brussels since 1985, where she has worked with a number of choreographers and companies. She is a central writer and theatre researcher, and was also editor of the journal Teaterschrift from 1992 to 1998.   Melanie Fieldseth, dance critic for publications such as Bergens Tidende and Ballet-tanz and freelance writer. She holds a master’s degree in theatre studies from the University of Bergen, where she has also lectured on dance criticism and theory. Co-editor of 3t – journal for performance theory and practice.

Svein Bjørkås, sociologist. He is the director of Music Information Centre Norway (MIC) and former lead researcher at Arts Council Norway, where he focused on art in public spaces, cultural policy and research dissemination and communication.

Moderator: Bergljót Jónsdóttir, musicologist. She works freelance within a wide spectrum of areas relating to art and culture, and is former director of Bergen International Festival. She is a member of a number of councils and committees and serves on the board of directors for Arts Council Norway and the National Museum of Norway.

The seminar is presented in cooperation with Karen Foss, BIT Teatergarasjen and Dance House Norway, and is supported by Arts Council Norway and The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo.

Source: BIT Teatergarasjen, Oktoberdans 2006. 12.09.2010:

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October 19, 2006Sardinen USF, USF Verftet seminar
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Oktoberdans October 19, 2006