Absurd Person Singular

Absurd Person Singular (1999) was a signed language theatre production by Norsk Tegnspråkteater (now named Teater Manu), based on the comedy by Alan Ayckbourn. It was performed using the Norwegian title Hjelp, vi får gjester! (literally: Help, we have guests!). The production went on tour with its tour opening at Black Box Teater in Oslo November 25.

Mira Zuckermann directed it.

The production was the first by the theatre. Six actors, who were to make up the core of the theatre's ensemble, had been picked out through a large audition: Ipek Ddeoglu Mehlum, Ronny Patrick Jacobsen, Karl Fredrik Robertsen, Paal Richard Peterson, Beata Slowikowska and Kristin Fuglås Våge.


(Objekt ID 44810)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 25, 1999
Produced by Teater Manu
Based on Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn
Audience Adults
Language Sign language (Norwegian)
Interpreted to Norwegian
Keywords Sign-language Theatre, Comedy, Theatre
Running period Navember 25, 1999  

At the webpage of Teater Manu the following, among other things, is written about Absurd Person Singular:

"It is Christmas Eve, last year, this year and the next; in a black comedy developing across three acts and a biting December month.

Little by little vain rituals, intricate lies, career hassle and a cynical hunt for material goods are revealed. The total lack of mutual communication leads to three Christmas parties filled with tragic misunderstandings and confusion.

The moral? Someone will always fight their way and win. They suppress all love and deep feelings for one another and for outsiders on their gruelling climb up the social ladder. If we are not able to break out of the pattern of materialism and ambition, we will all eventually end in the same trap..."
Teater Manu, www.teatermanu.no, 25.10.2017, http://www.teatermanu.no/produksjoner/hjelp-vi-far-gjester/

Einar Dahl's private archive, donated by Einar Dahl, 06.12.2014

Contributors (13)
Name Role
Alan Ayckbourn – Playwright
Mira Zuckermann – Direction
Sten Jensen – Stage design
Sten Jensen – Costume design
Ola Bråten – Lighting design
Nina Andreassen – Actor (Stemmeskuespiller for de kvinnelige rollene)
Kristin Fuglås Våge – Actor (Marion Brewster-Wright)
Ronny Patrick Jacobsen – Actor (Jeff Jackson)
Ipek Dedeoglu Mehlum – Actor (Eva Jackson)
Paal Richard Peterson – Actor (Sidney Hopcroft)
Karl F. Robertsen – Actor (Roland Brewster-Wright)
Beata Slowikowska – Actor (Jane Hopcroft)
Christian Fredrik Udnæs – Actor (Stemmeskuespiller for de mannlige rollene)
Performance dates
Navember 25, 1999Lille scene (Vika), Black Box teater Opening night