Ghosts was a theatre production by Trøndelag Theatre, produced in 1943, and based on the play by Henrik Ibsen.

Johan Barclay-Nitter directed it.

Magda Blanc interpreted the role of Helene Alving.


(Objekt ID 41819)
Object type Production
Premiere February 9, 1943
Produced by Trøndelag Theatre
Based on Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen
Audience Adults
Audience size 1002
Number of events 13
Language Norwegian
Expressions Drama, Theatre, 2nd World War
Running period February 9, 1943  

Requirements to venue

Blackout No
Name Role
Henrik Ibsen – Playwright
Johan Barclay-Nitter – Direction
Oswald Sjøgren – Stage design
Knut Jacobsen – Costume
Magda Blanc – Actor (Fru Helene Alving, kaptein og kammerherre Alvings enke )
Eugen Skjønberg – Actor (Snekker Engstrand )
Axel Thue – Actor (Pastor Manders )
Inger Worren – Actor (Regine Engstand, i huset hos fru Alving )
Svend von Düring – Actor (Osvald Alving, Helene Alvings sønn, maler )
Jan Einar Schwartzlund – Stage manager
Other participants
Performance dates
February 9, 1943Gamle Scene – Opening night
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