Endgame (1971) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, based on the play by Samuel Beckett. The production was performed in the theatre's venue Scene 2, in the facilities the theatre used at the time, in Rosenkrantzgaten.

Bjørn Endreson directed it. The production was the second of his Beckett productions for The Norwegian Theatre.

Bjarne Andersen played the role of Hamm. He received Norwegian Critics' Award 1971-1972 for his interpretation of the role.

Tom Tellefsen played the role of Clov.

Endgame visited Bergen International Festival in 1972, with Bjørn Endreson's production of Waiting for Godot, in which Andersen and Tellefsen played the roles of Vladimir and Estragon.


(Objekt ID 40509)
Object type Production
Premiere September 3, 1971
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on Endgame by Samuel Beckett
Audience Adults
Audience size 2513
Number of events 47
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Expressions Theatre of the absurd, Theatre
Running period September 3, 1971  


Einar Dahl's private archive, donated by Einar Dahl, 27.10.2014

The National Library of Norway, performance program transferred to Sceneweb 01.03.2017.

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Name Role
Samuel Beckett – Playwright
Bjørn Endreson – Translation
Bjørn Endreson – Direction
Bjørn Endreson – Stage design
Bjarne Andersen – Actor (Hamm)
Tom Tellefsen – Actor (Clov)
Åsta Voss – Actor (Nell)
Kåre Wicklund – Actor (Nagg)
Stein Hamre – Props
Ingar Nielsen – Stage manager
Harald Hoaas – Director’s assistant
Tone Astrup – Prompter
Torill Steinlein – Prompter
Performance dates