Anwendung* (Usage)

Premiére date8 Sep. 1998
Produced byTone Avenstroup, Podewil Center for Contemporary Arts
Based onAnvendelse* (Usage) by Finn Iunker
Number of events5
ExpressionsPerformance, Theatre
Running period8 Sep. 1998  —  12 Sep. 1998
WebsiteSYSSEL Tone Avenstroup

About Anwendung* (Usage)

Anwendung* (Usage) (1998) is a production by Tone Avenstroup, based on a text by Finn Iunker.

A man tells the story of his meeting with Scylla, Nisus' daughter. She betrays her father to win the heart of Minos. A story found in Ovid is paraphrased by Finn Iunker and illuminated by the ensemble with different light objects. As a collective and in each their separate frame they recite the text.

The artists say the following, among other things, about Anwendung:

"The play Anvendelse* (Usage) was originally written on commission from The National Stage in Bergen in 1995, but in a form that was not very compatible with the theatre's conventional social-realistic acting style. The text, without lines or characters, is the description of an I's wandering through endless corridors filled with stories. We had to take it to Berlin to perform it. The text was changed underway, and the playwright took part in the process."

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses represents the German (Anwendung) and Norwegian (Anvendelse) titles' literal meaning.

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    Supported by Podewil GmbH and the Norwegian embassy in Berlin.


    Ingvild Holm's private archive, donated by Ingvild Holm. 29.04.2014

    Tone Avenstroup's private archive, donated by Tone Avenstroup.12.05.2012