A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream was a theatre production by Nordland Theatre, produced in 2014, and based on the play by William Shakespeare.

Kjell Moberg directed it.


(Objekt ID 37809)
Object type Production
Premiere January 16, 2014
Produced by Nordland Theatre
Coproducers Performing Arts Østfold
Based on A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
Audience Families
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Comedy
Running period January 16, 2014  
Website Nordland Teater

Nordland Theatre performed A Midsummer Night's Dream as a production for families, with all roles performed by five actors only: Stein Hiller Elvestad, Linda Mathisen, Hilde Stensland, Rune Løding and Kristian Winther.

In addition to the Nordland tour, the production was performed in the county of Østfold and in Oslo.


Nordland Theatre, digitised performance program, transferred to Sceneweb by The National Library of Norway 08.07.2014

Nordland Theatre, http://nt-kalenderen.origo.no/-/event/show/493343_en-midtsommernatts-droem-familieforestilling/7343857?ref=checkpoint

Import from the Scenekunst.no list of openings 26.11.2013

Name Role
William Shakespeare – Playwright
Kjell Moberg – Direction
Helder Deploige – Musical Management
Alex Byrne – Dramaturge
Katja Ebbel – Stage design
Stein Hiller Elvestad – Actor
Rune Storsæther Løding – Actor
Linda Mathisen – Actor
Hilde Stensland – Actor
Kristian B. Winther – Actor
Elisabet Topp – Director’s assistant
Performance dates
April 27, 2015Black Box – New opening
January 16, 2014 19:00 – Black Box – Opening night
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Dagbladet, Midtsommermoro (literally: Midsummer merriment), February 16 2014:

"A Midsummer Night's Dream is a fun introduction to Shakespeare, mostly for those who don't know him beforehand. Children and youth constitute the main target group. The complications, disorientation and confusion of new love have become humorous jests in which even the pain of the heart is more a matter of laughter than crying, in this simplified version of Shakespeare's perhaps very most popular comedy. Here, it is popularised further. Deep Nordland Theatre's Midsummer Night's Dream doesn't go, but great fun it is."