SpotterScope is a production by Memento, produced in 2013.

In SpotterScope the audience meets three Norwegian mothers who all have children who serve, or have served, in the Afghanistan war. The three mothers have different stories to tell, each with her own experiences of what it means that her child is in war for Norway, for the world, for what?


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Object type Production
Premiere March 19, 2013
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Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre
Running period March 19, 2013  

At the webpage of Memento the following, among other things, is written about SpotterScope:

"A spotterscope is: 'optics with high resolution, used by spotter for precise target placement, verification etc.' (From the book Med Mandat til å Drepe (literally: With license to kill) by Norske Skarpskyttere, literally: Norwegian Sharpshooters).


SpotterScope doesn't take sides pro or contra the war in Afghanistan or the Norwegian involvement in it. The piece reflects mothers' experiences of having a child in war, a child in Norwegian service, what they believe in and don't believe in. The women have in common that they all experience that their children are fighting in a war, that Norway is fighting in a war and that the children are serving in this war. The Norwegian state will not agree with this. Norway is not taking part in a war, Norway is involved in a political and military presence in Afghanistan. Which other words and terms can we use when we really mean war? War doesn't sell, to maintain peace sells, international effort sells, why does the government avoid calling the war in Afghanistan a war?

SpotterScope critically examines how young Norwegian soldiers are recruited to operations abroad. The piece criticises the use of rhetoric to make the war in Afghanistan, among others, sound harmless, important and right, without necessarily educating young people about what they are really about to enter, what kind of consequences participation in a war may get.

During 2012 Norwegian forces are to be pulled out of Afghanistan, but new transnational crises arise other places. With SpotterScope we wish to critically examine recruitment and use of Norwegian soldiers in international wars on behalf of Norway and NATO. The title SpotterScope symbolises the ability to hit the target this optics provide, and that is exactly what Memento wishes, to direct a SpotterScope towards these issues.

The piece is a collage of monologues with the story of each mother, bound together by two soldiers, one female, one male. The physical expression works as a connecting link between text, subtext and the space between them."

Thanks to: Sorialab, Vardeteatret.

Supported by: The freedom of expression foundation Fritt Ord, The Norwegian Actors' Equity Association/NAEA, The Fund for Performing Artists.


E-mail from Vibeke Flesland Havre, 07.02.2013

Memento,, 30.04.2013,

Contributors (11)
Name Role
Ingvild Marie Lien – Script
Ingvild Marie Lien – Direction
Ingvild Marie Lien – Choreography
Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen – Sound
Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen – Light
Hege Olaug Enger – Actor
Caroline Haddeland-Herding – Actor
Vibeke Flesland Havre – Actor
Caroline Lea – Actor
Ivar Örn Sverrisson – Actor
Kristina Eikebråten – Production manager
Performance dates
March 21, 2013Kanonhallen, Løren, Kanonhallen, Oslo Show
March 20, 2013Kanonhallen, Løren, Kanonhallen, Oslo Show
March 19, 2013Kanonhallen, Løren, Kanonhallen, Oslo Worldwide premiere