Kanonhallen, Løren

Kanonhallen at Løren is an old industrial building from the 1940es, an undiscovered treasure in Oslo. The rooms have an industrial character, with large windows, visible carrying columns and two old overhead cranes.

With its 500 square meters and eight meters height under the roof Kanonhallen can room several different events – concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, pre-productions, events, kick-offs, workshops and conferences. Kanonhallen is a functional recording location for music, movies, TV or photo. Using curtains the hall can easily be made more intimate for smaller productions. The capacity of the hall is 700 standing spectators.


(Objekt ID 401)
Object type Venue
Primary connections Kanonhallen, Oslo
Other connections The National Theatre
Website Kanonhallen

Contact information

Address Peter Møllers vei 2, 0580 Oslo, Norway
Country Norway

Source: Kanonhallen. 07.08.2010: http://www.kanonhallen.no/leie/