A Summer's Day

Premiére date9 Jan. 1999
Produced byThe Norwegian Theatre
Based onA Summer's Day by Jon Fosse
Audience size6142
Number of events47
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
ExpressionsTheatre, Drama
Running period9 Jan. 1999  

About A Summer's Day

A Summer's Day (1999) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre.

Gunnel Lindblom directed it.

A Summer's Day was the world premiere of Jon Fosse's play by the same title.

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    More about A Summer's Day

    At the webpage of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about A Summer's Day:

    "A young married couple has moved from the noise of the big city to a house by the fjord. Recently the man has changed. He is distant and uneasy, and the woman can feel that something is wrong. One day he takes a boat trip, the way he often does. She waits and feels uneasy. Why doesn't he come back?

    'The large nice house
    The white nice house'

    A Summer's Day is the second play by Jon Fosse having its world premiere at The Norwegian Theatre. The first one, Someone is Going to Come, was produced in 1996.

    Human, fundamental situations

    Head of the theatre, Vidar Sandem, writes this in the performance program: 'After Jon Fosse made his debut as a stage poet with And We'll Never Be Parted in 1994, one has spoken and written much about his particular language, that his language is the entire performing arts. I don't fully agree with this. Yes, Jon Fosse has a distinct language, his own voice, all good poets have. But what fascinates me with Jon Fosse is his way of describing humans, how he with his linguistic musical apparatus strikes chords of human fundamental situations and show them to us until they stand trembling onstage.'

    Gunnel Lindblom

    The direction of A Summer's Day is by Gunnel Lindblom. She has a long and diverse background as an actress in cinema and theatre and as a director. She made her debut at Gothenburg City Theatre in 1975, and is known from major parts in several Bergman movies and as Ylajali in Henning Carlsen's well-known film adaption of Hunger. She has been employed as an actress and later director at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. As a movie director she is behind Paradise Place, Sally and Freedom and Summer Nights, among other things. At The Norwegian Theatre she has formerly staged The Good Person of Szechwan (1975)."


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