Stigespillerne performs Evasion, a one-act play by Gyrid Axe Øvsteng. The opening was May 23 2009 in Vestlandske Teatersenter (also known as VT).


(Objekt ID 302)
Object type Production
Premiere May 23, 2009
Produced by Stigespillerne
Audience Adults, Youth
Expressions Theatre

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

In Evasion by Stigespillerne Mo is inside reading, while Hansen wants him to join him to go out. Why does Mo never want to go out, and what is the matter with the restless Hansen? And then the door locks...

Evasion is a play about friendship. Friendship which gets to close and friendship which can never be close enough. Evasion is about two men struggling to reach each other, understand each other, wanting to understand each other.

Evasion by Stigespillerne is an intimate play, bordering the claustrophobic, with two clumsy characters. It describes closeness and love gathered in what we will label "the tyranny of friendship".

Source: http://stigespillerne.no/index2.php?

Performance dates
May 23, 2009 – Opening night