America - Visions of love

Original titleAmerica - Visions of Love
Premiére date1 Oct. 2009
Produced bywinter guests
CoproducersBIT Teatergarasjen, Carte Blanche, Dansens Hus, CODA
ExpressionsTheatre, Video, Dance
Running period1 Oct. 2009  
Duration180 minutes with 1 interval

About America

America - Visions of love (2009) is a production by Winter Guests/Alan Lucien Øyen.

"When we packed our bags, (with Baudrillard’s America as the only travel guide) and rather arrogantly set out to clear America of charges and to save the Americans from their bad reputation, we were first and foremost confronted with our own prejudices and bias", Alan Lucien Øyen/Winterguests describes.

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Oktoberdansprisen, 2010 Oktoberdansprisen

Press review

Jan H. Landro, Bergens Tidende [Bergen, Norway]:

"Twelve year old Leander Øyen also impresses with his stage charisma and confidence. He is strongly reminiscent of the young, Polish boy Tadzio of Death in Venice, which is also referred to in the play. It makes an impression when he performs the story of an old, gay, sex-addicted man.”

Therese Bjørneboe, Klassekampen [Oslo, Norway]:

"Remarkably well performed and composed. At a high, international level."

More about America

America - Visions of Love by Winter Guests/Alan Lucien Øyen examines the relationship to America.

As the company says*: "Why is the whole world so preoccupied with America and American culture? It seems an image, or movie exists in everybody’s mind about what it is "America" is and what it represents. We decided to grab a hold of that. Of our assumptions, our love, loathing and prejudice, and make this our stage performance: or rather, directions for a movie that might be made about people making a performance about America. This way, everyone could take part: George, Geoff, Marilyn, Donna, Drew, Ronald, Phil, Syria, Lazlo, Richard and Becca, Dennis, Peg, Larry, Annette, Tom, and Tom – and Debbie – and all those others we either happened to meet, note or record in our spread journey through The New World.

We have edited as one might edit a movie; re-ordering, re-contextualising, re-forming characters.

Through our prejudiced glance is a play appearing, with characters – all the Americans we met. They step out of their reality and gets onstage with us, and find their way into a screenplay based on transcripts of conversations we took part in or observed, as well as snatches of recontextualised dialogue from television shows or movies -and of course, our own writing."

America - Visions of love by Winter Guests/Alan Lucien Øyen was supported by Arts Council Norway, the municipality of Bergen, The Fund for Performing Artists and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).


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*The quote consists of two very similar, intertwined quotes, originally quoted in Norwegian and English respectively.