The Telling Orchestra

Premiére date2004
Produced byVerdensteatret
ExpressionsInstallation, Concert, Multimedia, Multidisciplinary, Exhibition
Running period2004  
Duration45 min

About The Telling Orchestra

The Telling Orchestra is an installation Verdensteatret describes as an electro-mechanic abstract theatre and a room-installation. The construction functions as an audiovisual "animation-machine" through which images, sculpture, sound and video are integrated, attempting to merge into a complete composition.

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More about The Telling Orchestra

The Telling Orchestra by Verdensteatret combines robot technology, visual and audio technology in close dialogue with more primitive mechanics and different traditional artistic expression tools. The whole construction is automated, managed by different computers and with a 45 minute running time of continuously changing transformations. After 45 minutes the machine starts over.

The Telling Orchestra can be experienced as a polyphonic instrument or an orchestra of many voices, sound, images and stories playing out simultaneously in many layers. It is also a pure sculpture or a machine with the ability to transform the room it is in and this in just a moment.

The background for the work is a journey made by Verdensteatret to Greenland in 2003. The choice of material plus sounds and image sequences reflect the processed memories of the arctic voyage.

The Telling Orchestra seems to be a telling orchestra in the correct term of the word; the installation can play almost everything. It can produce music like an orchestra, it can create complex courses of images, mechanical ballets, mechanical theatre and mirror and shadow plays. It can also make pure abstractions or concrete literary stories.

The Telling Orchestra was displayed during the exhibit Synthetic times – media art China 2008 in National Art Museum of China in Beijing in June and July 2008. 

The Telling Orchestra was supported by Arts Council Norway.


Autumn program 2008, Avant Garden.