Richard II

Premiére date18 Nov. 2005
Produced byThe Norwegian Theatre
Based onRichard II by William Shakespeare
Audience size4679
Number of events40
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
ExpressionsTheatre, Tragedy
Running period18 Nov. 2005  
Duration2 hours 15 minutes

About Richard II

Richard II (2005) was a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre. Richard II was based on a play by William Shakespeare. The production was staged at The Norwegian Theatre's venue Prøvesalen (later called Scene 3).

Stein Winge directed it.

Ingunn Beate Øyen acted in the title role. She received The Hedda Award 2006 in the best leading actress category for it.

Richard II was the first production in The Norwegian Theatre's planned series of Shakespeare's Wars of the Roses plays at The Norwegian Theatre. All were meant to be directed by Winge. Richard II was performed in 2005, Richard III in 2007 and Henry IV in 2008. Henry VI and Henry V were planned for 2009, but the theatre cancelled the rest of the series after Henry IV.

Richard II was in 2007 revived at The Norwegian Theatre's venue Scene 2.

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  • Igor Zamarajev - Sound
  • Franz David - Lighting design (2007)
  • Terje Wolmer - Lighting design
  • Bernhard Ramstad - Actor (Biskopen av Carlisle, Kong Richard IIs mann (2007))
  • Bjørn Sundquist - Actor (Hertugen av York, bror til John av Gaunt, onkel til både Richard II og Bolingbroke, og far ti hertugen av Aumerle)
  • Charlotte Frogner - Actor (Dronning Isabel, dotter av Charles VI, Konge av Frankrike. Gift med Richard II (2007) )
  • Heidi Gjermundsen Broch - Actor (Dronning Isabel, dotter av Charles VI, Konge av Frankrike. Gift med Richard II (2005) )
  • Ingunn Beate Øyen - Actor (Richard II, soneson av Kong Edvard III og son av Edvard, "The Black Prince")
  • Jon Eivind Gullord - Actor (Henrik Bolingbroke, son til John av Gaunt. Hertug av Hereford og arving til farens hertugdømme Lancaster. Blir i løpet av stykket Kong Henrik IV )
  • Kalle Øby - Actor (Jarlen av Northumberland, Bolinbrokes mann)
  • Kari Onstad Winge - Actor (Hertuginna av York, gift med Hertugen av York og mor til Aumerle)
  • Lars Melsæter Rydjord - Actor (Henrik Percy, kalla Harry Hotspur, son til Jarlen av Northumberland)
  • Liv Landmark - Actor (Hoffdame)
  • Magne Lindholm - Actor (Lord Willoughby, Bolinbrokes mann)
  • Nina Woxholtt - Actor (Bushy, Kong Richard IIs eidsvorne mann / Andre gartnar )
  • Paul Åge Johannessen - Actor (Lord Ross, Bolinbrokes mann (2005))
  • Ståle Bjørnhaug - Actor (John of Gaunt, Hertug av Lancaster, onkel til Richard II og far til Bolingbroke (2005))
  • Svein Erik Brodal - Actor (Biskopen av Carlisle, Kong Richard IIs mann (2005) )
  • Sverre Bentzen - Actor (John of Gaunt, Hertug av Lancaster, onkel til Richard II og far til Bolingbroke (2007))
  • Torbjørn Eriksen - Actor (Hertugen av Aurmerle, son av Hertugen av York. Jarl av Rutland. Søskenbarnet til Richard II og Bolingbroke. Richard IIs mann)
  • Torgeir Fonnlid - Actor (Lord Ross, Bolinbrokes mann (2007))
  • Trini Lund - Actor (Ein gartnar (2007))
  • Ulrikke Greve - Actor (Bagot, Kong Richard IIs eidsvorne mann )
  • Unn Vibeke Hol - Actor (Green, Kong Richard IIs eidsvorne mann / Ei hoffdame)
  • Øyvin Berven - Actor (Thomas Mowbray, hertug av Norfolk, Kong Richard IIs mann)
  • Tonje Reksten - Mask design

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The Hedda Award, 2006 Best leading actress

Press review

Elisabeth Leinslie, Shakespeare ned fra tronen (literally: Shakespeare dethroned), 19.11.2005, Dagsavisen [Oslo]:
"The audience is placed in the performing area itself. The classic divide between stage and auditorium has been dissolved. [...] Further, the audience is given a certain power through functioning as indirect fellow players (the people of England) and neutral witnesses to the forced dethronation of King Richard II. This is good thinking, but it becomes somewhat unclear as Winge's direction arranges for modest use of the situation. [...] Øyen, Bjørnhaug and Sundquist are behind most of the highlights of Richard II. A production ending in the category of 'off-balance', a category that in this case moves between great performances and indifferent theatre."

More about Richard II

Ingunn Beate Øyen won The Hedda Award 2006 in the best leading actress category for the role of King Richard.

The Hedda Jury gave the following reason:

"This year's winner has interpreted a number of different roles at the theatre for which she has worked most of the time since graduating from The National Academy of Theatre. With equal competence she has interpreted classics such as Shakespeare and contemporary playwrights such as Jon Fosse. She has played mild women such as Celia in As You Like It and strong women such as Jeanne d'Arc. But she gets the award for her nuanced and convincing interpretation of a man - a powerful, yet weak and complex man.

The best leading actress award goes to Ingunn Beate Øyen for her interpretation of King Richard II at The Norwegian Theatre."


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