Mourning Becomes Electra

Premiére date28 Apr. 2012
Produced byThe Norwegian Theatre
Based onMourning Becomes Electra by Eugene O'Neill
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
ExpressionsTheatre, Tragedy, Musical theatre
Running period28 Apr. 2012  
Duration3 hours 15 minutes, including two intervals
Websitedet norske teatret, Det Norske Teatret

About Mourning Becomes Electra

Mourning Becomes Electra is a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, produced in 2012, and based on the play by Eugene O'Neill.

Eirik Stubø directed it.

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    Press review

    Therese Bjørneboe, Sensasjonelt bra, personlig teater (literally: Sensationally good, personal theatre), 30.04.2012, Aftenposten [Oslo]:
    "This is theatre of international calibre."


    "... the performers and elements in the stage room always play for the same team, covering for and completing each other."


    "... an intellectually thorough, thought-provoking and in the best meaning of the word different production."

    Vårt Land:

    "Still we sit with a feeling of happiness - to have seen grand, well-made and coherent theatre. [...] Yet again Eirik Stubø has set the standard for what the theatre can create, having actors and musicians give their very, very best in a production that is elegant, innovative and disturbingly beautiful."

    VG, rating the production worthy of 5 dice pips:

    "This is theatre jazz jam from hell. But most of all it is, for long periods at the time, mesmerising involving in its entire disharmony."


    "...stylish, excellently performed and visually delicate..."

    Dag og Tid:

    "Excellent O'Neill at The Norwegian Theatre. A mix of destiny drama and jazz concert becomes a mesmerising interpretation of a classic."

    More about Mourning Becomes Electra

    Mourning Becomes Electra by The Norwegian Theatre was nominated for a total of five Hedda Awards in 2012 and won two of them; Torbjørn Eriksen won the award of best supporting actor for the role of Orin and Gjertrud Jynge won the best supporting actress award for the role of his mother, Christine Mannon.

    When giving the award to Gjertrud Jynge, The Hedda Jury reasoned as follows:

    "This year's winner has for many years impressed with performances in smaller, larger and medium-sized roles within all the genres of performing arts; the comedy, the musical, the contemporary drama and the classics. When she now receives the Hedda Award it is just because she is such a versatile actress, switching between being charming, witty, hysterical, seducing, love hungry, distance, refined and deeply unhappy with such playful ease. She gets the award for original, personal interpretations of Maria Steuber in Time and the Room and for the portrait of a woman who is driven to the outermost limits by hatred and love, Christine Mannon in Mourning Becomes Electra, both at The Norwegian Theatre.

    The best supporting actress award goes to Gjertrud Jynge."

    When giving the award to Torbjørn Eriksen, The Hedda Jury reasoned as follows:

    "For almost a decade this year's winner has proven himself onstage, in Oslo and elsewhere. He excels in using an as instinctive as intellectual approach to the characters he plays. Hence he makes them into live, complex beings. He also has the ability to listen, and with it, surefire, exciting interaction between him and his fellow actors is created. He gets the award for his nuanced, moving interpretation of a young man who is split between hatred and love, vengeance and the deepest of guilt.

    The best supporting actor award goes to Torbjørn Eriksen for his interpretation of Orin Mannon in Mourning Becomes Electra at The Norwegian Theatre."

    Further, Kirsti Stubø was nominated in the category of best leading actress for the role of Lavinia Mannon, Eirik Stubø was nominated in the category of best direction and Mourning Becomes Electra was nominated in the category of best production of the year.


    The Hedda Awards, 29.05.2012,