Laterna magica III

Premiére dateFeb, 1994
Produced byKlomadu Theatre, Teaterforum, Lillehammer OL, Interferens Holografi
In collaboration withTeater X, Stella Polaris
AudienceAll, Adults, Families, Youth, Children
ExpressionsWandering Theatre, Theatre, Dance, Music, Multimedia
Running periodFeb, 1994  —  Feb, 1994
WebsiteKlomadu Teater, Kulturproduksjoner

About Laterna magica III

Laterna magica III (1994) was the third part of a trilogy. The production was a wandering theatre production at Domkirkeodden in Hamar.

Laterna magica III was a collaboration project with many participating companies from the county of Hedmark. The main companies were; Interferens Holografi, Teaterforum, Klomadu Theatre and LOOC (Lillehammer Olympic Organising Committee). Near 100 performers took part in the production: Actors, dancers, singers, choirs. The performance also included masks, installations, shovels and a lift.

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More about Laterna magica III

All the three pieces of the Laterna magica trilogy was performed in the outdoors area of Hedmark Museum at Domkirkeodden in Hamar.

The three different productions were developed over a period of four years. Laterna magica I had its premiere in September 1991, Laterna magica II in February 1993 and Laterna magica III during the Olympics in February 1994.

Laterna Magica is a Latin term, meaning Magic Lantern.


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