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Riding Romance 1 Swan Lake

Riding Romance 1 Swan Lake (2012) is a production by Henriette Pedersen, the choreographer's own version of Swan Lake.

During the 1800s ballets were considered trading goods to be refreshed and resold, something the choreographer Marius Petipa did in 1895 when he reconstructed the badly received Swan Lake from 1877.

Since then many of the best-known choreographers in the world have made their versions of Swan Lake, now also Henriette Pedersen.


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Object type Production
Premiere February 2, 2012
Produced by Nartmanstiftelsen
Coproducers Black Box Teater, Galleri Maria Veie
Based on Swan Lake by Peter Tsjaikovskij, Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov
Audience Adults
Keywords Ballet, Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period February 2, 2012  
Website Henriette Pedersen / Nartmanstiftelsen

At the webpage of Black Box Teater the following, among other things, is written about Riding Romance 1 Swan Lake by Henriette Pedersen:

"Costumes, movement material, dramaturgy, even the music of Tchaikovsky have been subject to reconstruction since 1877. Countless productions have been adjusted to the abilities of the performers and other resources. Swan Lake has been regarded as a romance, a tragedy and a melodrama, with a tragic as well as a happy ending.

To the degree one can talk about anything distinct about Swan Lake, it is that the good Odette dances 'femininely', submissive and falling. The evil Odile dances 'masculinely', erect even without support from a porter. The development has been such that one can refer to Swan Lake as 'a work in progress'.

Henriette Pedersen is a choreographer in the intersection between theatre, dance and visual art, with an expression stretching from the subtle, introvert, to the explosively extrovert – from hysteria to romance. In her new trilogy, Riding Romance, Pedersen will renovate some of the most central works of the Romantic epoch: From Swan Lake via Caspar David Friedrich to Little Red Riding Hood."

Riding Romance 1 Swan Lake by Henriette Pedersen was supported by Arts Council Norway, The Audio Visual Fund and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel grant/performing arts).


Black Box Teater Oslo, blackbox.no, 02.06.2012, http://www.blackbox.no/content/titlePresentation.php?tid=2118

Contributors (11)
Name Role
Henriette Pedersen – Choreography
Katrine Ganer Skaug – Music (Musikkutvalg, mix og klipp)
Sidsel Pape – Dramaturge
Tilo Hahn – Lighting design
Elisabeth Berger Breen – Dancer
Marianne Kjærsund – Dancer
Kristine Karåla Øren – Dancer
Morten Kippe – Performer
Maren Anne Olstad – Makeup
Andreas Frostholm Røebo – Sound technician
Pernille Nonås Mogensen – Producer
Performance dates
October 27, 2012 20:00 – ASPN Gallery Show
October 26, 2012 20:00 – ASPN Gallery Show
March 4, 2012 17:00 – Atalante Show
March 3, 2012 19:00 – Atalante Show
March 2, 2012 19:00 – Atalante Show
February 5, 2012Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
February 4, 2012Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
February 3, 2012Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Show
February 2, 2012Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata) Worldwide premiere