Under den elektriske sol* (Under the Electric Sun)

Under den elektriske sol* (Under the Electric Sun) by De Utvalgte was a crossover project in which the word, the image and live music stood most centrally.

Under den elektriske sol was freely based on Sam Shepard, Stig Larsson and Tennessee Williams.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 2453)
Object type Production
Premiere April 17, 1998
Produced by De Utvalgte
Coproducers Ensemble 2000, , Malmö City Theatre
In collaboration with , Ny Musikk Oslo
Audience Youth, Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Performance, Video, Music, Theatre of the absurd
Running period April 17, 1998  
Website De Utvalgte

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

Under den elektriske sol* (Under the Electric Sun) by De Utvalgte took place in a hotel.

From the content: In a hotel a woman works. A man arrives. The guest is given a room. Anything can happen. Anyone can knock the door.

The audience was invited into the mortally ill man's world.

The production was performed in Oslo, Gothenburg and Aarhus in 1998.


De Utvalgte, deutvalgte.no, 21.08.2010, http://www.deutvalgte.no/underden/ElSol.html / 24.09.2021, https://www.deutvalgte.no/portfolio_page/under_den_elektriske_sol/

Contributors (11)
Name Role
Thorkil Evan Nielsen – Script
Thorkil Evan Nielsen – Direction
Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred – Music
Audun Strype – Sound
John Birger Wormdahl – Sound
Casper Evensen – Lighting design
Torbjørn Davidsen – Actor
Kari Holtan – Actor
Marius Kolbenstvedt – Actor
Are Larsen – Actor
Randi Rommetveit – Actor
Performance dates
April 21, 1998Store scene (Vika) – Show
April 20, 1998Store scene (Vika) – Show
April 19, 1998Store scene (Vika) – Show
April 18, 1998Store scene (Vika) – Show
April 17, 1998Store scene (Vika) – Worldwide premiere
1998Pustervikteatern – Show
1998Marie Brolin-Tani danseteater – Show
Press coverage

Anne Britt Gran, 24.04.1998, Morgenbladet [Oslo]:
"De Utvalgte moves freely between movies, TV, mass culture, kitsch, camp, existentialism, absurdism, naivism, new music and you name it. In content, the performance is black, sincere and harrowing. In expression, it is playful in its juggling between isms and artistic effects."

Lena Strømberg. De Utvalda nøjer sig inte med teater (literally: De Utvalgte doesn't make do with theatre), date unknown, GP:
"Crystal clear humour. In this performance theatre mixes with music and video constellations are shown on a screen measuring six x three meters."

Cathrine Th. Paulsen. Hotellnatt i helvete. Et sofistikert, elegant og velprodusert stykke (literally: Hotel night in hell. A sophisticated, elegant and well-produced play.) , date unknown, Dagsavisen [Oslo]:
"The most fascinating part of the performance is the way it works as a whole. Stage design, lightening, music and the video window continuously changing in addition to the balanced interaction between the actors create an almost all-absorbing experience."