Jeppe of the Hill

Jeppe of the Hill was a theatre production by Det Nye Teater, producedin 1957 and based on the play by Ludvig Holberg.

Gunnar Skar directed it, and Claes Gill acted in the title role.


(Objekt ID 22894)
Object type Production
Premiere January 4, 1957
Produced by Det Nye Teater
Based on Jeppe on the Hill by Ludvig Holberg
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Comedy, Theatre
Running period January 4, 1957  
Contributors (19)
Name Role
Ludvig Holberg – Playwright
Gunnar Skar – Direction
Signe Hofgaard – Choreography
Harald Martin – Stage design
Ingeborg Guldbrandsen – Costume design
Eva Bergh – Actor (Ridefogdens kone)
Per Christensen – Actor (1.l akei)
Johannes Eckhoff – Actor (Erik lakei)
Claes Gill – Actor (Jeppe)
Knut M. Hansson – Actor (Baronen)
Thor Hjorth-Jenssen – Actor (Kammertjeneren)
Turid Haaland – Actor (Nille)
Helge Reiss – Actor (Sekretæren)
Arne Riis – Actor (Ridefogden)
Einar Vaage – Actor (Jacob skomager)
Ulf Wengård – Actor (Magnus)
Jorunn Kirkenær – Dancer
Ulf Wengård – Dancer
Svein Abraham Sturlason – Photo
Performance dates
January 4, 1957Hovedscenen, Det Nye Teater Opening night