Ghosts (1954) was a theatre production by Det Nye Teater, based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. The production was performed at the theatre's main stage.

Ellen Isefiær directed it.

Lillebil Ibsen interpreted the role of Helene Alving.

Espen Skjønberg interpreted the role of Oswald Alving.

The production was performed in Paris and Stockholm as well as in Oslo.


(Objekt ID 22872)
Object type Production
Premiere March 5, 1954
Produced by Det Nye Teater
Based on Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Drama, Theatre
Running period March 5, 1954  


The archive of Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)

Norsk Biografisk Leksikon on Lillebil Ibsen,

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Henrik Ibsen – Playwright
Ellen Isefiær – Direction
Harald Martin – Stage design
Ingeborg Guldbrandsen – Costume design
Stig Egede-Nissen – Actor (Snekker Engstrand)
Tore Foss – Actor (Pastor Manders)
Mona Hofland – Actor (Regine Engstrand)
Lillebil Ibsen – Actor (Fru Helene Alving)
Espen Skjønberg – Actor (Osvald Alving, Helene Alvings sønn)
Performance dates
March 5, 1954Hovedscenen, Det Nye Teater Opening night