The Tone Was All She Needed

Premiére date31 May. 2006
Produced byFabula
Based onLite grønt bilde i stor blå ramme by Herbjørg Wassmo
AudienceYouth, Adults (from 12)
ExpressionsMusical theatre, Monologue
Running period31 May. 2006  
DurationOne hour
WebsiteEva Dons websider, Hålogaland Teater

About The Tone Was All She Needed

The Tone Was All She Needed(2006) is a production by Fabula by Eva Dons. The Tone Was All She Needed is a musical monologue about homesickness and the desire to leave.

The Tone Was All She Needed is based on the poems in the collection A Little Green Picture in a Big Blue Frame by Herbjørg Wassmo and the music is written by songwriter Petter Henriksen. 

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Press review

Elisabeth Rygg, 17.10.03, Aftenposten [Oslo]:
"Warm and poetical about longing. Eva Dons shine from an inner glow. It is obvious that the actress has found the tone of the material. With a lot of joy of life she describes a child feeling different, who feels that life will something about her, if she dares to liberate to go her own ways. The music of Petter Henriksen slides into the complete image in an evocative manner. The production is a reminder of roots and origin, and it leaves an impression."

Ola Bruun, date unknown, Harstad Tidende [Harstad]:
"Successful, absolutely! Eva Dons has qualities within this field and can safely move on to new big assignments."

More about The Tone Was All She Needed

In The Tone Was All She Needed by Fabula the actress and the musicians bring the audience along on a philosophical journey in childhood memories and the desire to visit the unknown world beyond the mountains and the sea. The music by Petter Henriksen is mainly concerto music, but also includes theatre music in the intersection between classical music, the singer/songwriter tradition and cabaret.

The woman is longing for her childhood home, but she doesn’t want to move back. During her reflections, she discovers the child still being inside of her, whose childhood emotions she still has as an adult. But where is home? Is home where "the tone" is? And what is this tone? Have you kept the vibrations singing in you when you were born, vibrations you need to search for to feel balanced for the rest of your life?

Quote from the performance, translated to English for Sceneweb by Lillian Bikset:

"She went home and felt as if she was away, she went away and felt as if she was at home. So she stayed and was at home when away, when away was when she had to go to get home."

The Tone Was All She Needed by Fabula was revived and adjusted for international performances in 2011 under the title Below the Edge of the Ice.

The Tone Was All She Needed by Fabula was supported by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel grant/performing arts).


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