Løp, Løp, Løp!

Produced byShiny Lake Productions
AudienceChildren (from 10 to 13)
ExpressionsMultidisciplinary, Performance for children , Dance, Theatre, Music
Duration40 minutes

About Løp, Løp, Løp!

What can give you courage, paralyze you or make you flee? The many aspects of fear are explored in Run, Run, Run using dance, theatre and music.

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More about Løp, Løp, Løp!

We are acquainted with Johanna who is afraid of spiders, Mira who always wants to be number one and Vera who is running from the black lump inside her. The performance is aimed at ages 10 to 13, but is also suited for those who are older and who still are afraid from time to time.

Teater Tøs wish to take children and childrens arts experiences seriously. This is achieved using the troupe's unique expression in which dance, theatre and music melt together in one integrated form. Using this form, the theme is conveyed in a serious manner, but at the same time with fantasy and playfulness. The performance allows the spectator to reflect and relate to his or hers own experiences.

The performance is funded by The Arts Council Norway and The Cultural Rucksack.