Munch - a journey through dance, music and pictorial art

Munch - a journey through dance, music and pictorial art (2007) is a production by Dans & Toner. 

In Munch - a journey through dance, music and pictorial art  three art forms meet; dance, music and performing arts. Two choreographers and a composer have found inspiration in works by Edvard Munch: The Sun, Young Woman at the Beach (The Lonely One), Separation, Melancholy, Starry Night and Galloping Horse.

The dance and music expressions range from neoclassicism to modernity.


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Object type Production
Premiere 1994
Produced by Dans & Toner
In collaboration with The National Touring Network for the Performing Arts (NTNPA)
Based on The Sun by Edvard Munch; Young Woman at the Beach (The Lonely One) by Edvard Munch; Separation by Edvard Munch; Melancholy by Edvard Munch; Starry Night by Edvard Munch; Galloping Horse by Edvard Munch; Ung kvinne på stranden by Peter Lodwick, Marit Krogeide; Løsrivelse by Peter Lodwick, Marit Krogeide, Christer Tornell; Hesten by Peter Lodwick, Marit Krogeide, Christer Tornell; Tango for en by Peter Lodwick; Syklus by Peter Lodwick, Lise Ferner; Den galopperende hesten by Peter Lodwick, Toni Ferraz
Audience Youth, Adults, Children (from 10)
Audience size 51110
Number of events 440
Language Norwegian
Expressions Multidisciplinary, Dance, Music, Performance for youth
Running period 1994  —  2010
Duration 40 minutes
Website dans & toner

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 8m
Maximum stage width 8m
Minimum stage depth 8m
Maximum stage depth 8m
Minimum stage height 4m
Maximum stage height 4m
Lights requirements Brought with
Audio requirements Brought with
Rigging time 90 minutes
Downrigging time 30 minutes
Audience 130
Other Good floor space is necessary, i.e. gymnasiums or similar

At the webpage of Dans & Toner the following, among other things, is written about Munch - a journey through dance, music and pictorial art:

"Aside the there-and-then experience, the company wishes to inspire the youth to really see the images and to use their own imagination; the moment is not just a moment - it has a history and an aftermath.

Even though 100 years have passed since Edvard Munch created these works, they are still of contemporary interest. It is simply about feelings - or, like Munch himself said: "There should be no more pictures of interiors, of people reading and women knitting. There would be pictures of real people who breathed, suffered, felt, loved". 

The paintings are revealed during the production Munch - a journey through dance, music and pictorial art and the venue is transformed into a gallery, available for the pupils to visit after the performance.


Dans & Toner,, 14.08.2012,

E-mail from Marit Krogeid, 15.05.2012, 14.08.2012

Name Role
Lise Ferner (from 1994 to 1994) – Choreography (Syklus)
Toni Ferraz (from 1994 to 1994) – Choreography (Den galopperende hesten)
Toni Herlofson (from 1994 to 1994) – Choreography
Marit Krogeide (from 1994 to 2010) – Choreography (Ung kvinne på stranden / Løsrivelse 1994-1996, 2005-2010)
Christer Tornell (from 2005 to NIL) – Choreography (Løsrivelse)
Peter Lodwick (from 1994 to 2010) – Composer
Toni Ferraz (from 1994 to 1996) – Dancer
Marit Krogeide (from 1994 to 2010) – Dancer (1994-1996, 2005-2010)
Philip Olsen (from 2007 to 2009) – Dancer
Christer Tornell (from 2005 to 2010) – Dancer
Peter Lodwick (from 1994 to 2010) – Musician
Geir-Atle Johnsen (from 2005 to 2010) – Voiceover (På bånd)
Marit Krogeide (from 1994 to 2005) – Producer (1994, 2005)
Peter Lodwick (from 1994 to 2005) – Producer
Performance dates
2007 – New opening
2005 – New opening
1994 – Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Willy Nilsen, august 2005, Kragerøavisen [Kragerø, Norway]:
"So simple and yet so unpredictable and fascinating! This is a splendid performance which must be experienced beyond the borders of Norway!"

Helge Ottesen, august 2005, Varden [Norway]:
"It is hot, it is high and low, it is very professional! They got loud ovations."

Karin Engh, oktober 2005, Grimstad Adressetidende [Grimstad, Norway]:
"Magical with Munch, dance and music! The production had a couple of hundred primary school pupils sitting silent as lit candles. This must be magic!"

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