Marit Krogeide

Marit Krogeide is a Norwegian dancer, choreographer and daily manager of the dance company Dans & Toner.

Krogeide began dancing at the ballet school of Jorunn Kirkenær when she was aged seven. She took part in the children's ballet run by Kirkenær in the period 1973 – 1983, with main parts in a number of productions at The National Theatre, Chat Noir, The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History plus a number of productions for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Marit Krogeide developed the foundation Dans & Toner. The company produces and tours continuously with different productions, addressing audiences all over the country. The tours take place under the management of Dans & Toner, and in collaboration with the counties through The Cultural Rucksack. The productions in question have been accepted by The National Touring Network for Performing Arts.

Dans & Toner has performed more than 2000 performances, seen by more than 270 000 children and youth. Krogeide is connected to the foundation as a performing dancer and daily manager.


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Object type Person
Functions Choreographer, Dancer, Manager, Pedagog
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Adresse Ivar Aasens vei 22, 0373 Oslo, Norway
Website dans & toner

Marit Krogeide has choreographed a number of ballets for the children ballet of Jorunn Kirkenær 2002 - 2011. She also has choreographed for a number of commercial shows.

Marit Krogeide's TV assignments (with Norwegian program titles, as the shows have only been broadcast in Norway):

Kanal 1, 2 programmer, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 1984

Hæla i Taket, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 1984

Rytterdans, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 1985

Om Rita Tori, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 1986

Spellmannsprisen, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 1988

Den Fillete Dokka, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 1993


Teaching classical ballet:

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, substitute 2004 - 2005

Free daily training for professional dancers, several seasons in the period 2002 – 2011.

Daily training in Stockholm, spring/autumn 2006, autumn 2007

Ballettakademien Stockholm, summer classes 2008

The ballet school of Kirsti Skullerud 2004, 2005

Bårdar Akademiet, ballet schools in Tvedestrand and Arendal

Bårdar Akademiet, substitute teaching 2009 – 2010, employed in a 70% position from 2010.

Assignment at the ballet school of Jorunn Kirkenær, highest level, 2002 - 2012

Other education assignments:

Summer classes at Studio Nille, Larvik two years in a row, jazz dance

The non-degree-granting college of Nordmøre and the municipality of Surnadal, jazz dance

The upper secondary school of Lundehaugen, Stavanger, classical dance

Classes titled Kreativitetstimen (literally: The hour of creativity) – workshop in movement for children, municipality of Gran

Teaching creative dance at a number of primary and lower secondary schools all over the country

Creative workshop for sixth graders in the municipality of Nøtterøy, 2009


Received the grant of Thorleif Dahl, a travel grant from the Norwegian state, and the travel grant of The Fund for Performing Artists twice, the dance grant of The Union of Norwegian Dance Artists and the young classical dancer grant of Aimee Røer, one year working grant 2001.


Leader of the children and youth project of The National Academy of Ballet 1999 – 2005.

Been an editor and responsible for lay-out for The Union of Norwegian Dance Artists' member magazine called På Spissen (literally: On the tips) in the period 1994 - 2003. Developed the magazine into a modern member magazine. Publishing in other member magazines as well.

Producing CDs called Music for Ballet Class, Vol. 1 and 2 with composer Peter Lodwick.

Writing a passage about conveying art in schools in the book Kunstfagene til begjær eller besvær (literally, Art Classes, to desire or to be troubled about, published by the publishing house Tell forlag).

Substitute for the board of The National Academy of Ballet 1999 – 2003.

Project leader for performances at The National Academy of Ballet 2001 - 2004.

Substitute as a study planner at Oslo National Academy of the Arts the spring of 2004.

Took part as a dancer during Grand Travel Award 2006, in Oslo and Stockholm.

Lecturing about dance art during The Cultural Rucksack's seminar called Nystemt 2006.

Advisor for a dance project for children at The Norwegian College of Dance the autumn of 2006.

Web designer for Dans & Toner.


E-mail from Marit Krogeide, 14.08.2012


1986: The National Academy of Ballet, Oslo, Norway.

Background from the children ballet of Jorunn Kirkenær.

Affiliations (2)
Artworks (7)
Title Publiseringsdato Role
Eastern wind 2008, Music – Choreographer
Pebble dance 2008, Music – Choreographer
Summer games 2008, Music – Choreographer
Hesten 1994, Music – Choreographer
My machine 2008, Music – Choreographer
Ung kvinne på stranden 1994, Music – Choreographer
Løsrivelse 1994, Music – Choreographer