Sense of Place II

Sense of Place II by Grenland Friteater was a grand-scale staged town wandering tour meant to re-conquer the town’s spaces for its citizens. A cross-cultural project not just including the town’s own professional artists, amateurs, associations and unions, but also national and international artists. The 2006 edition was by no means a copy of the 2005 edition. The itinerary was different with a number of new acts including many elements from the local cultural life; from different choirs via tango dancers, children’s theatre, veteran musicians, amateur actors and professional artists from Norway and abroad.


(Objekt ID 1491)
Object type Production
Premiere September 3, 2006
Produced by Grenland Friteater
Based on Ars Moriendi, eller De syv dødsmåter by Georg Johannesen
Audience All
Language Norwegian
Keywords Multidisciplinary, Dance, Performance, Theatre, Street theatre, Concert, Exhibition, Multimedia, Installation, Wandering Theatre
Running period September 3, 2006  —  September 9, 2006
Website Grenland Friteater, den store by:vandringen II - Stedsans 2006

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Blackout No

In 2005 Sense of Place was chosen as the artistic main event during Porsgrunn’s jubilee as a town; a large town wandering tour should be arranged annually from 2005 to 2007. The project became so popular among the audience in particular and performers of all kinds and categories, the project continued after the jubilee celebrations ended.

The model Sense of Place by Grenland Friteater has inspired towns like Kongsvinger, Kongsberg, Sandnes and Notodden in Norway and Santa Clara in Cuba. China, Vietnam and Colombia are new possible countries for internationally developing the project.


We wanted to explore the hidden town, the one behind the facades, reshaping it in an artistic vision never seen before. A vision to revive memories, ruins and traces from life and activity, hidden stories and dramas usually covered by the daily life activities, through breaking up the conventional logic of the theatre stage and to create performance arenas from the town’s real spaces.

We wanted to capture the town’s architecture, its entrances, streets and squares, its spaces in between, using the whole body of the town as a stage. We connected with national and international artists, architects, writers, visual artists, historians, composers and musicians, on their own and in groups. Large parts of the town’s artistic and cultural environment, associations and unions were drawn into the event to create a full-length experience for the audience’s better. The whole thing is made in the shape of a grand-scale town wandering tour.

Source: Grenland Friteater,, 18.08.2010,