End of Everything Ever

Produced byNew International Encounter
AudienceYouth, Adults (from 12)
ExpressionsTheatre, Performance for children , Storytelling theatre, Physical theatre, Musical theatre
Duration70 minutter
WebsiteNIE: New International Encounter: Visual Theatre

About End of Everything Ever

End of Everything Ever is the final part of NIE's European narratives Trilogy.

Drawing on true stories and accounts of the Kindertransport NIE shone a light into some of our continents darkest history and emerged with a story of survival, love and hope.

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Press review

"The exceptional ensemble combines exquisite, highly physical acting and wonderfully integrated live music in a distinctive aesthetic which is redolent of early 20th-century European modernism." Mark Brown. Pleasance 2

"The company's greatest asset is its multinational assemblage of performers. The cast effortlessly switch between different storytelling traditions, resulting in the play being blessed with everything from riotous slapstick comedy to a haunting folk music accompaniment....This is theatre at its best: progressive, experimental, entertaining and accessible, all in one show." John Holmes (2007, 14.08). METRO

"The pathos born amongst the constant, convivial glow will send seismic shock waves of compassion down your heart strings. Through shamelessly stilted accents, simple folkloric music and a touch of burlesque, The End of Everything Ever kindles that camp fire which will continue to glow inside you long after you have left the theatre." Junita Sekimori (2007, 10.08).

"Theres a lifetime of laughter and tears packed into this 70 minutes - utterly wonderful." Victor Hallett

"This performance might be the turn of the year!" (2007, 00.03). Evening Standard.

More about End of Everything Ever

Agata is 6 years old, she is going to the railway station with her father, everyone is very happy, only she has the strange feeling that she will never see him again. On the train tired and hungry she absent mindedly chews on the paper name-tag tied around her neck and very slowly consumes her name and address erasing any chance of getting back home again.

End of Everything Ever by NIE was supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).

Source: NIE: New International Encounter: Visual Theatre, nie-theatre.com, 01.08.2010, http://www.nie-theatre.com/page.php?id=9