Ibsen Women - put an eagle in a cage

Premiére date20 Apr. 1989
Produced byVisjoner Teater
AudienceAdults, Youth
LanguageNorwegian and English
Running period20 Apr. 1989  
Duration1 time
WebsiteVisjoner Teater

About Ibsen Women

Ibsen Women - Put an eagle in a cage(1989), produced by Visjoner Teater by Juni Dahr, presents six of the female characters written by Henrik Ibsen. During the span of approximately an hour we follow Juni Dahr's encounters with Hilde, Hedda, Mrs. Alving, Nora, Ellida and Hjørdis. The texts of Henrik Ibsen are interwoven with her own thoughts and reflections around the roles’' strengths and vulnerabilities, and the underlying subject in all of Ibsen's writing: The longing for freedom.

Ibsen Women is still still performed every year, in Norway and abroad.

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Scenario, 1989 Beste sceniske enakter

Press review

Annelise Vestergaard, 15.09.1991, Jyllands-Posten:
"Ibsen's women became a lovely gift (...) A one woman show with a force folding out. (...) with few props, but many effects and a magic charisma Juni Dahr interpreted the demanding roles all the way through. "

Holger Christensen, 15.09.1991, Århus Stiftstidende [Århus]:
"Juni Dahr's charisma is tremendous. One can’t let og of her with one’s eyes. Her changes between characters were secure and riveting."

More about Ibsen Women

Ibsen Women - Put an eagle in a cage is a visual performance. The stage design is minimal. Music, light and the physical movement pattern are elements building the performance and the inner life of the characters. A costume, a shawl, a candle stick and a tambourine are symbolic props.

Ibsen Women was originally created in USA in 1989, while Juni Dahr was touring with the production Joan of Arc. Ibsen Women was first presented at the International Ibsen Symposium at Yale University and has been further developed to visit a series of international festivals in Norway and abroad. It has received several awards.

Juni Dahr says: "Henrik Ibsen still asks challenging questions to people of today, 100 years after his death, he presents a deep understanding for women. How could he write so true and real about women's thoughts and feelings? Through his characters he has us experience our own lives."

BSEN WOMEN and JUNI DAHR recieved the Jury’s Special Prize for an outstanding performance and brilliant adaptation of Ibsen’s original scripts.

Supported by: the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).


Visjoner Teaters websider: http://dahr.no/, 30.09.2010