The Winter's Tale

The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare was performed as a site-specific art project produced by Oberon Teater, Østfold Theatre, Punkt Ø and The Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad in Momentum Kunsthall in Moss, January 30-31 and February 2-6 2010.


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Object type Production
Original title In English: The Winter's Tale
Premiere January 30, 2010
Produced by Oberon Teater
Coproducers Performing Arts Østfold, The Norwegian Theatre Academy
Based on The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare
Audience Adults
Language English
Keywords Theatre
Running period January 30, 2010  —  February 6, 2010

Oberon Teater, Østfold Theatre, Punkt Ø and The Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad performed The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare with the tag "A Site Sensitive Shakespeare Experiment".

It was directed by Birgitte Strid.

How does one define happiness? Leontes, the King of Sicily (played by Terje Skonseng Naudeer, known from Himmelblå, the Norwegian version of Two Thousand Acres of Sky) seems to have it all, but he is unable to enjoy what he has. His unfounded jealousy alienates him from all the people close to him. From that a long journey, demanding new priorities in life, starts, a journey in which central points are the hope for forgiveness and reconciliation with the dear ones.

Leontes suspects that his pregnant wife Hermione has an affair with his best friend, Polixenes, the king of Bohemia. His first small suspicions grow into obsession, and Leontes becomes convinced there is a conspiracy against the throne, planned by those closest to him. His thoughts of vengeance lead to the deaths of the queen and their firstborn son, while his daughter is exiled someplace deserted.

The king regrets his extreme actions and daily visits the grave of his late wife and son. At the same time his daughter, Perdita, grows up as a shepherdess in Bohemia. She falls in love with the son of Polixenes, the prince Florizel. When their love is opposed by Polixenes, Floritzel chooses to fight for it, and he flees with Perdita to Sicily to seek help from king Leontes.

The play ends with a great reunion, including one between father and daughter, as Perdita's true identity is discovered.

The Winter's Tale, in Norwegian also known as Vintereventyret and Vintersoga, is a play about conflict and reconciliation, and about growing as a person. The story follows the seasons: It starts during winter and goes towards summer.

To describe Leontes' journey the artists have looked to Eastern thought material, and they let Shakespeare's text meet methods such as Japanese martial arts and Suzuki techniques, and are including inspirational sources such as Butoh and Kurosawa.

The production is performed in English.

The Winter's Tale was supported by Arts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists, Norsk Teaterråd and the county of Østfold.

Contributors (20)
Name Role
William Shakespeare – Playwright
Birgitte Strid – Direction
Rebekka Maria Nystabakk – Choreography
Henriette Slorer – Choreography
Peder Kjellsby – Music
Annick Lavallée-Benny – Stage design
Jakob Oredsson – Stage design
Birgitte Strid – Costume design
Marianne Thallaug Wedset – Lighting design
Erik Alstad – Actor (Mamillius)
Florencia Cordeu – Actor (Paulina)
Cecilie Jørstad – Actor (Hermione)
Rune Storsæther Løding – Actor (Antigonus / Tiden)
Thomas Magnus – Actor (Florizel / Lord)
Rebekka Maria Nystabakk – Actor (Perdita / Emilia)
Morten Olaussen – Actor (Camillo)
Terje Skonseng Naudeer – Actor (Leontes)
Bjørn Ole Ødegård – Actor (Polixenes)
Øystein Ulsberg Brager – Director’s assistant
Øyvind Andresen – Lighting technician
Performance dates
February 6, 2010Momentum Kunsthall Show
February 5, 2010Momentum Kunsthall Show
February 4, 2010Momentum Kunsthall Show
February 3, 2010Momentum Kunsthall Show
February 2, 2010Momentum Kunsthall Show
January 31, 2010Momentum Kunsthall Show
January 30, 2010Momentum Kunsthall Opening night