Torgunn Productions

Organisation typeArtist company
Main focusDance, Theatre
Established30 Sep. 2000
WebsiteTorgunn Produksjoner

About Torgunn Productions

Torgunn Productions was established by Torgunn Wold Platzack in 2002. As of now she runs the company with actor and stage technician Bo Platzack.

From the start and until the spring of 2012 Torgunn Productions has produced nine major and minor dance and theatre productions performed across large parts of Norway and Sweden.

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More about Torgunn Productions

Torgunn Productions produces expressive, poetic and musical dance theatre productions.

Every production is made in collaboration with others - dancers, composers or other artists. Torgunn Wold Platzack describes the process as "like every time entering a new meeting between theatre, dance and music".

Torgunn Productions creates dance theatre productions using the comedy and vulnerability of the theatre clown as an effect. The performances switch between absurd situations, poetic moments and surreal sequences, bound together in a musical and expressive expression.

The productions are made for touring, independent of whether they are made for children, youth or adults.


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