Polish Dance Theatre

Also known asPolish Dance Theatre, Polski Teatr Tańca
Organisation typeDance company
Main focusDance
Established1 Jan. 1973
WebsitePolski Teatr Tańca

About Polish Dance Theatre

Since 1973 Polski Teatr Tańca AKA The Polish Dance Theatre has remained faithful to its statutory obligation to promote the art of dancing and disseminate ballet culture throughout the country. The company is based in Poznan.

Polski Teatr Tańca started organising the Contemporary Dance Workshops and the Contemporary Dance Biennale in 1994 and the International Festival of Dance Theatres in 2004.

Source: Polski Teatr Tańca, ptt-poznan.pl, 20.10.2010, http://www.ptt-poznan.pl/stronyen/10.php

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