Also known asThe Nordic Institution in Greenland
Organisation typeResource centre, Dissemination centre, Information centre
Main focusInformation, Children and youths
Established1 Jan. 1987

About NAPA

In 1987 NAPA, the Nordic Institution in Greenland, opened as a culture institution under the Nordic Council. Napa is short for Nunani Avannarlerni Piorsarsimassutsikkut Attaveqaat (in English: ’the link to culture in the Nordic countries’) and is situated in Katuaq, Greenland’s culture house in Nuuk.

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More about NAPA

NAPA is the Nordic countries' bridge into Greenland and the country’s cultural life. Likewise NAPA offers the Greenlandic artists a bridge to the network and opportunities in the Nordic countries.

The task for NAPA is to support, develop and stimulate the Greenlandic culture life emphasising culture for youth and children. NAPA also always is open for national as well as international corporations with relevant partners – both as a producer and a network.

NAPA cooperates and provides information about the other Nordic foundations among others Nordic Culture Point, NordPlus, Nordic Culture Fund and Valhalla.

Besides Napa collaborates with its sister organizations: the Nordic house in the Faeroe Islands, the Nordic institution in Åland Islands, the Nordic institution in Finland and the Nordic house in Reykjavik. Besides these NAPA is connected to the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen.

Source: Napa,, 09.10.2010,