DansiS or Dansekunst i Stavangerregionen (literally: Dance Art in the Stavanger Region) is an interest organisation for professional dance artists in the Stavanger region, including all of the county of Rogaland. DansiS aims to facilitate increased activity within production, competence building and networking in professional dance art.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Dansekunst i Stavangerregionen
Organization type Resource centre, District institution, Network organisation, Competence centre, Interest organisation, Dissemination centre
Main focus Dance
Established May 8, 2010
Email post@dansis.no

Contact information

Address Domkirkeplassen 1, 4006 Stavanger, Norway
Email post@dansis.no
Telefon 004797162723

Other information

Legal entity Non-profit organisation
Org nr. 995627124

DansiS is an association with members. It is registered in The Brønnøysund Register Centre. DansiS is led by the board, which is the highest authority between the annual assemblies. Work to get an administration in place during 2011 is under way.

DansiS is to facilitate promoting of professional dance art and dance artists in the region, and to facilitate interaction with the audience through workshops, open performances of works in progress, and discussions related to dance art. DansiS aims to be a supportive production apparatus, but shall not take part in producing or coproducing. Instead it will facilitate increased production through offering rehearsal studios for dance and to work for collaboration with other institutions in the region. Eventually DansiS wants to provide residences for visiting artists and companies.

The tasks of DansiS are supporting and strengthening the field of dance art in Stavanger and the rest of the county of Rogaland through:

-        Being an arena for networking

-       Being an impulse contributing to diversity and collaboration within performing dance arts in Rogaland

-       Doing information work

-       Building competence through classes, courses and workshops

-       Being a supportive production apparatus for choreographers and companies, and working for increased production of performances

-       Working to realise a rehearsal studio/venue for dance, including an office and a residence, plus administrating the above when it becomes a reality

-       Coordinating Proda Stavanger (professional dance training)

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Co-productions (1)
Title Premiere
Backup – October 28, 2015 – Molitrix Scenekunst
Contributors (6)
Linda Merete Birkedal – Leader of board (fra May 8, 2010)
Stine Isachsen Knudsen – Member of board (fra May 8, 2010)
Siri Dybwik – Member of board (fra May 8, 2010)
Marit Sandsmark – Member of board (fra May 8, 2010)
Therese Øvstebø Markhus – Member of board (fra May 8, 2010)
Camilla Nordhagen – Member of board (fra May 8, 2010)