Linda Merete Birkedal

Linda Birkedal is educated as a dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. After graduating Linda Birkedal has worked as a dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and producer in Norway and Denmark. Linda Birkedal is artistic director for Molitrix Scenekunst.

Linda Birkedal has produced a number of productions of different character and length since 1995. This includes full-length performances, site-specific works, dance on the internet and dance movies. In 2000 she established Molitrix Scenekunst, a project-based contemporary dance company based in Stavanger.


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Object type Person
Born February 25, 1971
Functions Artistic director, Choreographer, Dancer, Producer, Pedagog
Nationality Norwegian
Gender Female
Member of The Union of Norwegian Dance Artists/NoDa, The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA
Adresse Høleberggaten 14, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

For the time being Linda Birkedal is taking a Nordic master (MA) in dance theory, expected to finish the summer of 2012.

2001-2003  Pedagogy, University of Stavanger, department for music and dance.

2000-2001  Mac-design. MI, Stavanger.

1996-97      Aesthetic and history of dance, University of Copenhagen.

1992-95      Laban Center for Movement and Dance, BA(Hon), London.

Affiliations (2)
Involved in productions (14)
Title Premiere Role
Making Sense (Molitrix Scenekunst) May 2, 2018 Choreography, Performer
Sense Me (Molitrix Scenekunst) September 7, 2017 Choreography
Backup (Molitrix Scenekunst) October 28, 2015 Author, Choreography
Distant Voices (Molitrix Scenekunst) 2015 Concept/Idea, Producer, Choreography, Dancer, Video/Film, Music
Borders of behavior - suddenly closed (Molitrix Scenekunst) Navember 8, 2012 Stage design, Choreography, Costume
Points (Molitrix Scenekunst) May 27, 2009 Choreography
Pattern of Change (Molitrix Scenekunst) October 30, 2008 Choreography
Skin-Less (Molitrix Scenekunst) October 3, 2008 Choreography
SKIN-inside out (Molitrix Scenekunst) 2008 Choreography, Dancer, Idea
TIME:not taken (Molitrix Scenekunst) September 21, 2006 Choreography
The Window Watcher Video (Molitrix Scenekunst) December 8, 2004 Choreography
Touched as if by accident.Move away. (Molitrix Scenekunst) September 17, 2004 Choreography, Dancer
Eyes not yet seen, YOCTOSECOND (Molitrix Scenekunst) September 17, 2004 Choreography
Monox3 (Molitrix Scenekunst) 2004 Dancer, Choreography