Theatre Moderne

Theatre Moderne (1914-1925) was a variety and revue playhouse in Christiania (now Oslo).

Theatre Moderne was opened in 1914 by the Hungarian Benno Singer in Tivoli Theatre's old building, located in Tivolihaven. During summer the variety was housed in a more airy hall closer to Stortingsgata; it had been moved there after a jubilee exhibition in the borough of Frogner.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Private theatre
Main focus Theatre, Entertainment
Established Navember 1914 (closed 1925)
Website Theatre Moderne på STORE NORSKE LEKSIKON

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Address Oslo, Norway

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Theatre Moderne closed in 1925 and in 1927 the theatre was reconstructed into the dance restaurant Røde Mølle (literally: Red Mill).

August Schønemann got his breakthrough at Singer's theatre, where the actors he worked with included Signe Heide Steen.


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Own productions
Title Premiere
Giv akt! – March 1924
Dydens apostler – January 1924
Adams ribben – 1924
Kvinnen du gav meg, midt i planeten – October 1922
Snip, snap, snute – March 24, 1921
Overalls – Navember 1, 1920
Overall – 1920
Dusch – 1918
Futt – February 1915
Benno Singer – Managing-director (fra 1914 til 1925)