The avant-garde venue Balkongen was started by actress and director Agnes Mowinckel in 1927.

Mowinckel established Balkongen in opposition to the traditional bourgeois theatre. She sought new drama and new, more theatrical principles for staging. Mowinckel also performed.

The opening performance at Balkongen was The God of Vengeance by the Jewish writer Sholem Asch. Max Reinhardt had formerly made her aware of Asch, and the play had been staged in Poland, Russia and Berlin (staged by Max Reinhardt). When it was performed at Broadway in 1923 the whole cast was prosecuted for obscenities.

Balkongen only lasted for nine months, but still the theatre was a mark of something new and significant in Norwegian theatre history.


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Object type Organization
Organization type Programming, Producing
Main focus Theatre
Established 1927 (closed May 1928)

Contact information

Address Stortingsgata 26, Oslo, Norway

Other information

Legal entity Other
Own productions (9)
Title Premiere
Cabaret Intime – May 5, 1928
Dybbuk – April 27, 1928
De røde dråber – March 27, 1928
Fruen fra havet – February 28, 1928
Toni – January 24, 1928
Nygift eller - ? – December 26, 1927
Snobben – December 3, 1927
Periferi – October 13, 1927
The God of Vengeance – September 9, 1927
Contributors (3)
Agnes Mowinckel – Artistic director (fra 1927 til 1928)
Gregori Danilovitsch – Stage designer (fra 1927 til 1928)
Alexey Zaitzow – Stage designer (fra 1927 til 1927)