Kondens is an artist collective from Bergen.


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In the spring program of BIT Teatergarasjen from 2001 the following is written about Kondens:

"The artists have all made their individual marks both at the local art stage in Bergen and nationally, with projects involving music and electronic art.

Gisle Frøysland has among other things worked closely with Informasjon and the theatre company Baktruppen's production with his video and web art.

Dancer and choreographer Brynjar Bandlien has experience from dance venues in several European countries and is counted among the most talented dancers in Norway today.

Bjørnar Habbestad has the flute as his main instrument and has studied and practiced music within several artistic expressions. He has work with web art, new music and improvisation.

Musician and sound artist John Hegre is known from the concert stages with, among others, Kaptein Kaliber, der brief and Jazzkammer."


Spring program, 2001, BIT Teatergarasjen

Own productions (1)
Title Premiere
LYRICA® polyurethan
Performance dates
Title Premiere
LYRICA® polyurethan – February 18, 2001 – Kondens
LYRICA® polyurethan – February 17, 2001 – Kondens
LYRICA® polyurethan – February 16, 2001 – Kondens
Contributors (4)
Gisle Frøysland – Film/video maker
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien – Dancer
Bjørnar Habbestad – Music
John Hegre – Music