The independent theatre company Klockriketeatern is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Klockriketeatern was founded in 1994. The company has three main purposes: to develop and deepen the actor's expression, to create the best possible space for each text and to choose texts the company finds important in the moment without being trendy.


Klockriketeatern, klockrike.fi, 18.12.2011, http://www.klockrike.fi/english/about_klockrike_theatre/


(Objekt ID 27272)
Object type Organization
Organization type Theatre company, Programming, Producing
Main focus Theatre, Dance
Established January 1, 1994
Email klockrike@klockrike.fi
Website Klockriketeatern

Contact information

Address Yrjönkatu 18, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Email klockrike@klockrike.fi

Other information

Legal entity Other
Own productions (4)
Title Premiere
Jag är vinden – October 31, 2023
Sylvi – May 21, 2015
Sylvi – 2014
Jag är vinden – Navember 12, 2008