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Norsk Dramatikk

Norsk Dramatikk (literally: Norwegian Drama ) was events BIT Teatergarasjen realised in the period 1991-1995.

Norsk Dramatikk was part of BIT Teatergarasjen's project to promote Norwegian drama during the 1990s'.


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Object type Organization
Also known as Norwegian Drama
Organization type Festival
Main focus Litterature
Established 1991 (closed 1996)
Email info@bit-teatergarasjen.no
Website BIT Teatergarasjen

Contact information

Address Strandgaten 205, 5004 Bergen, Norway
Email info@bit-teatergarasjen.no
Telefon 55 23 22 35

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Legal entity Other

In one of the programs for Norsk Dramatikk 1993 the following, among other things, is written about the event:

"Central to Norsk Dramatikk 1993 is the playwright as a theatre worker. The new text production is directly connected to the innovative performing arts and the alternative non-institutional production communities.

Based on the pilot project Norsk Dramatikk 1992 - the idea becoming a successful reality – the continuation in Norsk Dramatikk 1993 is looked forward to with excitement."

Norsk Dramatikk 1993 was supported by Arts Council Norway and The Fund for Performing Artists.


Program: Norsk Dramatikk 1993, 1993, BIT Teatergarasjen

Own productions (2)
Title Premiere
Varseltrekanten og faresignalers utbredelse på den vestlige halvkule – Navember 10, 1992
Symposium #2-1992 – October 16, 1992
Contributors (1)
Sven Åge Birkeland – Artistic director